The government announced when diesel and gasoline will be cheaper at stations! What will fuel prices look like?

At any moment, diesel and gasoline at stations will be cheaper. This week the government is to announce exactly what the inflation shield will look like, which will affect the cuts in fuel prices. Drivers are eagerly awaiting information on what the package of solutions will look like, which will have an impact on lower prices at petrol stations. Will the cut be real?

Diesel and gasoline will be cheaper for the holidays

diesel fuel prices

The changes in the fuel and energy sectors will come into force very quickly. According to the spokesman, the government will close everything within a dozen or so hours – from the presentation to the sitting of the Seym at which the shield will be adopted. Piotr Müller revealed that the prepared solutions should lower the price of diesel and gasoline for Christmas.

Still, no one wants to say directly how much less we will actually pay for fuel. It is worth adding that those in refineries have already become cheaper by about 0.10 PLN during the last week. Only that this difference may not be noticed by drivers at stations, because they will manipulate margins, to which they are of course entitled. This is their earnings for our service.

Most experts predict that there may be little rain from a large cloud. If fuel prices fall, it will be symbolic and of little importance for drivers or the wider economy. The question of how much the government will actually give from itself by lowering a given excise duty / tax, wanting to save inflation and the value of the zloty.

diesel fuel prices

It will be below PLN 6

There are many indications that the most important thing for the government will be to keep the price of diesel and gasoline below PLN 6. In the case of the second mentioned fuel, it will not be difficult, because the wholesale price is already PLN 5.84 / l, so even with a margin it will not be difficult. In turn, diesel fuel is currently PLN 6.08 / l, so it is sold below its value.

And it is diesel that is here, to a large extent, crucial for the economy. Because it is this fuel that to a large extent delivers goods to stores, and transport companies bear its costs. This is then passed on to consumers who pay more for goods in stores.

diesel gasoline fuel prices

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