The government is backing away from the meanness it has done to some retirees. Ko¶ciñski announces the change

We will implement a solution thanks to which, as a result of the Polish Order, for people with pensions up to PLN 12,800 gross, the tax and premium burden will not change; the reform will be neutral for them

– Finance Minister Tadeusz Kościński informed PAP. This means that after only a week, the government wants to withdraw from the very controversial idea of ​​cutting benefits for a few percent of the oldest Poles. AND de facto – still wants to cut the highest pensions, but to a smaller group of people.

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Jaroslaw KaczynskiThe Polish Order will reduce Jarosław Kaczyński’s wallet. It is already known how much

Government injustice

“The Polish tax order benefits 90 percent of retirees and disability pensioners, that is over 8 million people” – the government argues. According to the calculations of economists (not only governmental ones) – it’s true. As a result of the tax reform, the vast majority of retirees should receive (the first people already receive) – with a certain gross pension amount – more “on hand”.

The only problem is that next to it there was supposedly only a few percent, but still counting in hundreds of thousands of people, a group of retirees from whom the Polish Deal took some of their money. They are pensioners with benefits – according to ZUS calculations – approx. 4.9 thousand. PLN gross (approx. PLN 4 thousand “on hand”). They are losing out on the tax reform for the time being.

Overall, tax reform under the Polish Deal increases tax progressivity. In a nutshell, this means that people with higher earnings should pay more as a percentage of contributions and taxes. In the case of professionally active people – full-time employees, entrepreneurs, etc. – the issue is debatable, but many economists see such actions as making sense in the form of making the tax system fairer.

At the same time, however, the government did something much more controversial. He decided to pay more tributes (specifically – a non-tax deductible health contribution) also to some retirees – often elderly, sick and overworked. It is hard to say that this was just a mistake, it looked more like premeditation. Experts have repeatedly warned about this trap in the Polish Lada, and ZUS has also alerted. The topic appeared during parliamentary work – the Senate proposed that pensioners should be included in the middle class relief, but the Sejm rejected the amendment.

According to the current wording of the provisions of the Polish Order, people with a retirement pension of around 5,000 PLN gross (so far approx. PLN 4,131 per hand) would lose PLN 72 per year, with the benefit of PLN 6 thousand. PLN gross (PLN 4952 net) over 1 thousand. PLN, and retirees with a pension of 7 thousand. PLN gross (PLN 5769 per hand) during the year they would receive by almost 2 thousand. PLN less. These are the calculations of the Economic Institute.

.How the Polish Order was spartered. Deadly sins of “historic tax cuts” [WYKRES DNIA]

Searching for money in the pockets of those who have worked and stored too long and too hard

Pensions of the order of approx. 4 thousand. PLN per hand and more – which the government decided to cut (and now it is steadily withdrawing from this idea) – not many Poles get. But these are, for example, people who extended their professional activity after reaching retirement age.

Especially in the case of pensions from the so-called of the new system (ie after the reform of 1999) there is a significant “bonus” for senior citizens for further work. Who, instead of retiring just after reaching retirement age, continued to work, the government decided to cut. Curiosity, all the more so that at the same time in the Polish Lada the government introduces a tax relief for people … who, despite reaching the retirement age, will not retire.

It is also worth noting that high pensions are not only the result of long work, but also reliable payment of pension contributions instead of, for example, combining in the shadow economy. This honesty was also punished by the government. Relatively high pensions are also paid to some people who have worked in difficult professions, such as miners. It was also decided to punish them.

Only now it comes to the government that it must have acted foolishly. Although in the Polish Lada, retirees will still be able to lose (although there will really be few such people). According to the idea of ​​Minister Kościński, the government will start to cut pensions “only” from approx. PLN gross.

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