The government supports lowering the excise tax for small alcohol producers. Winemakers and cider makers appealed for support

On Tuesday, the government adopted a draft amendment to the excise tax act, introducing excise tax preferences for small producers of alcoholic beverages.

“The Council of Ministers has adopted the draft act amending the act on excise duty and some other acts, submitted by the Minister of Finance. The draft adjusts Polish regulations to the EU directives on excise duty. There will be introduced, among others tax preferences for small, independent producers of alcoholic beverages – the Chancellery of the Prime Minister announced in a statement on Tuesday.

Tax Preferences will rely on reduced to 50 percent. the basic excise duty rate, adding the definition of a small independent producer to the regulations and introducing a certification system for such producers.

“Farmers and fruit growers (entities meeting the definition of small producers) will benefit the most from the changes. The introduction of such a solution was appealed by, among others little winemakers and cider makers. Thanks to the new regulations, the government will support small business and products »zrobione w Polsce«“- it was written in the press release.

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