The government wants to lower the price of piles by changing the component components

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki visited Zagreb, where he met with the head of the Croatian government, Andrej Plenkovic. At the press conference after the meeting, journalists asked the Prime Minister of the Polish government if he was planning to introduce solutions that would lower fuel prices. For example, following the example of Hungary, where maximum fuel prices were set at the stations in order to fight inflation.

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“We will implement several such solutions together with our anti-inflationary package, which will lead to a relative reduction in prices at petrol stations. However, we will not do it, for the moment, certainly by imposing a maximum price” – Prime Minister Morawiecki replied.

So how does the Polish government want to lower fuel prices? The Prime Minister added that there will be a reduction in “certain components of the fuel price”.

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