The great streaming movies where the mask terrifies …

Scott Derrickson’s cool movie is just the latest in a horror series featuring masked serial killers. Here are the most famous streaming movies on the subject.

Since we have sincerely loved Black Phone from Scott Derrickson – and it’s not his first horror to arouse our enthusiasm, we advise you to recover even the undervalued Deliver us from evil – we want to pay homage to him by remembering those streaming movies which, like Derrickson’s remarkable work, feature assassins hiding behind a terrifying mask. In short, a small cinephile game for lovers of the genre, which we hope will intrigue you. As always, happy reading.

Five horror streams featuring assassins with masks

  • Do not open that door
  • Halloween – The night of the witches
  • Friday 13
  • Scream
  • The Judgment Night

Don’t Open That Door (1974)

Let’s start with the cult film directed by Tobe Hooper, a journey into the horror of rural America where monsters beyond all comprehension lurk. Leatherface is just one of the psychopath / cannibal family members starring in Do not open that door, one of the most “sick” horror films in the history of cinema, still capable of putting the patience of the most savvy spectator to the very serious test. A masterpiece in its own way, but how much stomach do you need to really love it… Available on Apple Itunes, Amazon Prime Video.

Halloween: Night of the Witches (1978)

Michael Myers and his expressionless mask have created a new type of Evil, the unstoppable and meaningless one that penetrates the social and psychological fabric of middle-class America and questions it from within. John Carpenter he immediately senses the potential of the irrational, and immediately transforms the character into an icon. Jamie Lee Curtis stands out with its sticky innocence, proof of an original scream-queen. The first Halloween is an unreachable horror, but also the reboot / sequel of David Gordon Green of 2018 is really not bad. Available on Apple Itunes.

Friday the 13th (1980)

Made in the wake of Halloween success, the slasher directed by Sean S. Cunningham it has its own very precise physiognomy, more raw and baroque but endowed with its ancestral efficacy. Jason is an equally scary and unstoppable character, and the first Friday 13 dedicated to him works properly, so as to become an object of worship and churn out an endless series of sequels in the area of ​​the B-Movie, Audience success witha couple of really terrifying scenes. In the cast a very young Kevin Bacon. Available on Rakuten TV, KILOSApple Itunes, TIMVisionAmazon Prime Video.

Scream (1996)

The thriller / horror cinema of the 90s finds its legendary character in Ghostface, a serial-killer equipped with a Scream of Münch-style mask and cutlass to quarter his young victims. Wes Craven packs a film that has a perfect opening sequence, terrifying thanks also to the superb proof of Drew Barrymore. Neve Campbell and the other actors in the series go out of their way to stop the various killers, spawning sequels that work beautifully. One of the great franchises of the genre. Available on Rakuten TV, Apple Itunes, TIMVision, Amazon Prime Video.

Judgment night (2013)

From Blumhouse’s genre forge and from the mind of James DeMonacoa political fiction idea transformed into a horror with a high adrenaline content and a series of genre cinema moments that really hit the spot. Ethan Hawke And Lena Headey they are the protagonists of an intense and very well thought-out film, which sees a series of unbridled murderers wearing different masks, each with its own terrifying symbolism. The Judgment Night mixes genres, fascinations and styles with an excellent sense of cinema. Subsequent films also turn out to be original and well thought out. Available on CHILI, Apple Itunes, NetflixTIMVision, Amazon Prime Video, NOW.

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