the greenest electric car in the world

The German Aerospace Center and HWA have collaborated to create the most environmentally friendly car ever. In addition to the zero emissions of the engine, it does not even spread wear dust. Let’s find out how it is made.

Electric car

The electric cars they obviously have zero emissions local as far as motorization is concerned, but the diffusion of fine dust deriving from other aspects is hardly ever thought of.

Zedu-1: why it is the most environmentally friendly car

Electric car

The diffusion of fine particles is the topic on which they focused the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and the automobile company HWAto create what they define “the most ecological car in the world“.

Thus was born Zedu-1 (Zero Emission Drive Unit – Generation 1), a completely prototype electric, but which lays the foundations for new solutions for the cars of the future. The fine dust derive mainly from brakes mechanical and tire wear, and Zedu-1 has innovative solutions for both problems.

About Zedu-1 there are no classic disc brakes, which have been eliminated from the wheels, and have instead been moved to the motor, inside the closed electric motor-reducer group, with an innovative multi-disc brake approach. The energy is almost completely recovered, thanks to the classic magnetic motor brake that recharges the batteries, but if there is a need for mechanical braking, this takes place through fins that are in an oil bath, which is then pumped and filtered from any abrasion powders. Nothing is released into the environment.

Zero emissions: the problem of microplastics


Then there is the problem of microplastic of tires, fixed with a special wheel arch. Its function is clearly aerodynamic, but designed to create negative pressure inside it while driving. In this the dust deriving from the wear of the tires is localized in a point, where a fan sucks it, and subsequently the air passes through a filter. From Zedu-1 just comes out clean Air.

The project cost 6 million eurosand will now continue with the collaboration of companies in the sector, to export models that can be applied to series production, and aim for ever more ecological cars.

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