The group was founded by Marcelo Annuncia Parceria com SAF do America-RN

O Grupo Dos, owned by Lateral-Esquerdo Marcelo, currently owns Fluminense/RJ, an official announcement, por meio das Reds Sociales, sua collaboção como investidar na Sociedade Anónima de Futebol (SAF) América-RN, qual 80 con HIPE % and loss to the association of more than 20%.

Last year, the group revealed a communication revealing a strategic conspiracy with HIPE, aimed at laying the groundwork for future investments in renowned international clubs. Our Natal America portfolio embodies the inspiration and belief of the HIPE management team, as well as the principles that sustain and make this project successful.

No announcement has been made, the administration has been included in the group dose with an intense response to the commercialization of the clubs. The group has already participated in other clubs in Portugal such as Azuriz/PR and Mafra.

Marcelo, the founder of the group, expresses his satisfaction with your agreement and writes “Pra Cima Meção” in its publication.

Where did Leia communicate:

We should announce strategic relationships with investors in the US SAF to enhance our efforts to acquire, manage and commercialize clubs.

With this park, we encouraged our management team to have confidence in us, and we began to make new investments in global clubs.

Aliados aos pillars que sutentum o suceso de este emprendimento, reformamos o noso compromiso com o desenvolvimento do sport em todas as suas vertentes.

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