The growth of Disney + continues, including new subscribers and interesting releases in the catalog

137.7 million subscribers achieved and strong growth in revenues for Disney +which turns out to be one of the hottest platforms of the moment.

The streaming service, according to the most recent data published by the American company, is in fact registering incredible numbers getting closer and closer to the Netflix giant. Between the increase in users and the continuous expansion of the online catalog, here is what is happening on the platform.

Disney + growth

The record numbers of Disney +

The success of digital entertainment platforms it is there for all to see: whether it is music, cinema or online games, the companies operating in this field have registered enormous growth rates within a few years, generating a very important economic return. We are facing a consolidated realitybut which continues to evolve year after year also thanks to the adoption of increasingly advanced technologies, as happened first with the spread of fast internet and then of mobile devices connected to the network, which have made it possible to bring users even closer to their own favorite pastimes.

THE online casino, for example, they built accessible and effective solutions well before other realities to transport a type of entertainment linked to a traditional dimension, namely that of game rooms, into the digital world. Investing in technology e adopting marketing strategies specifics, such as the best casino bonuses that allow users to try games for free for a certain period of time, digital casinos have established themselves as one of the largest realities on the web and on mobile.

Today these platforms boast rich catalogs of pastimes and sections where it is possible to participate in live multiplayer events, challenging other users connected online, for a proposal able to satisfy the needs of the different categories of players, a feature that in some ways unites casinos to streaming services .

Just with regards to it multimedia streaming, Disney + appears to be one of the healthiest platforms, at least according to data published by the Company itself in April. The number of subscribers has in fact exceeded 137 million, getting closer and closer to those of Netflix, the first global operator with 221 million subscribers but struggling with a slowdown in terms of growth (-200 thousand accounts in the first quarter of 2022 alone).

Quality content pushes Disney + up

The extremely positive trend of Disney + it is to be recognized primarily in the quality and variety of the proposed contents. The constantly updated catalog, in fact, today covers a large slice of the public ranging from the younger age groups, particularly attracted to cartoons and superhero films, to lovers of cinema and documentaries.

Disney +, in fact, today does not contain only proposals from the Disney world in the strict sense but also home contents Pixar And Marvelthe universe Star Wars and documentaries National Geographic up to the most iconic series, such as The Walking Deadpresent on the channel Star, for a mix of titles open to all tastes. To all this, according to analysts, is also added the decision of Netflix to increase the prices of subscriptions, a choice that may have prompted many users to move to the Disney platform.

What’s new for July on Disney +

As mentioned, the Disney + catalog is constantly updated and therefore new interesting titles are coming up in July as well. For example, the film has been available since the beginning of the month The Princessin which the tenacious protagonist finds herself having to save the kingdom from the aims of the suitor whom she herself had rejected, followed by the TV series Promised Land And The Responder.

The expected third season of High School Musical: The Musical and movies Bob’s Burgera feature film based on the animated sitcom of the same name, e Zombies 3. At the end of the month, however, three other excellent TV series will be available, such as Santa Evitabased on the novel by Tomás Eloy Martínez, In the name of heaven And Light & Magic. Finally, starting from July 29, the drama film is to be seen Not Okaywith Zoey Deutch as protagonist Danni Sanders.

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