the guests received on France 5 by Caroline Roux

Caroline Roux will meet you this Monday, September 18, 2023 at 5:30 p.m. on France 5 for a new issue of “C dans l’air”. Here is the theme of the show and the guests who will be received.

17:30 The guest of “C dans l’air”

Caroline Roux receives live every day a personality who is making the news. Politicians, writers, philosophers, scientists or economists: 10 minutes of dialogue to provide insight directly into the news of the day.

This Monday, September 18, 2023, Caroline Roux will receive: Jean Jouzelclimatologist and former vice-president of IPCC.

Today, the government will reveal to the major parties the principles of its plan for ecological planning. This meeting will be followed by the ecological planning council, chaired by Emmanuel Macron before examining the budget in October.

France must reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 55% compared to 1990 by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 to comply with the objectives set by the EU and limit global warming.

Last July, Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne promised that 60 billion euros would be mobilized to finance ecological planning, of which 7 billion euros are planned in the 2024 budget.

Jean Jouzel was one of the first French researchers to work on global warming in the 1970s. On August 29, he took part in a debate at the Medef summer school which was to take stock of the situation. link between climate and energy.

In an interview with Les Échos a few days later, he suggested a form of weariness. “I described things as they are to an audience of business leaders, and I received a cold reception.” “What the scientific community had anticipated for 50 years is happening. I naively thought that if the consequences of global warming became real, people would give credibility to what we say about 2050 and beyond, and would start to react. But this is not the case.”

Jean Jouzelclimatologist, former vice-president of IPCC will return to the urgency of moving forward to successfully complete the ecological transition that awaits us.

17:45 “C in the air”

Caroline Roux will decipher the news live in the company of four experts. At the end of the show, they answer questions from viewers.

The invited experts:

Emmanuel Duteileditorial director of The New Factory.

Olivier Dauversjournalist, specialist in mass distribution.

Nathalie Mauretpolitical journalist – Regional press group Ebra.

Sophie Fayjournalist at Worldspecialist in transport issues.

The theme of the show: Inflation: Borne draws out selling at a loss

While inflation continues to have a heavy impact on household budgets and fuel prices have started to rise again in recent weeks, the government is looking for a solution. After the capping of gasoline prices and the cost price at the pump, the executive decided to bring out the card of selling fuel at a loss. If the bill examined in October in the National Assembly is adopted, the measure will come into force at the beginning of December for six months, said this Monday the Minister of Economy and Finance Bruno Le Maire on France 2, two days after the announcement by the Prime Minister. But what does it mean to sell at a loss? Will the effects of such a measure really have an impact on fuel prices?

Resale at a loss has been prohibited in France since 1963 to protect the most vulnerable professionals from any threat of dumping. If this authorization is voted by parliamentarians, distributors will be able to sell their fuel at a price lower than that at which they purchased it. purchased. But will they do it? Is it feasible? The government predicts a reduction of 47 cents per liter. But it is unlikely, answer the specialists who estimate that such a reduction would cost the brands too much. On the other hand, price discounts According to them, a few cents would be possible to increase competition between distributors. On Tuesday, the latter will meet in Bercy to discuss the details of its application.

Another measure announced by the Prime Minister: the ban from November 1 on “shrinkflation”, this process which consists of manufacturers reducing the quantity sold in a package without reducing the price, or even increasing it. Finally, more precisely “from November, all products affected by changes in quantity will have to indicate this on the labels to no longer mislead the consumer”, explained Élisabeth Borne on Saturday. This decision follows numerous complaints from consumers, strong criticism from distributors and growing concern about the constantly declining purchasing power of households. For several days, the Carrefour and Intermarché brands have already been responsible for indicating with placards that certain brands have practiced shrinkflation. Result: out of 20,000 references at Carrefour, last week, 26 products affected by shrinkflation were identified. Or 0.1% of the offer. Not enough to massively lower prices, in short.

However, the question of prices and purchasing power is indeed the priority of the French at this time of year, obliged to review their budgets and tighten their belts. According to an INSEE study, the middle class is bearing the brunt of rising prices. Particularly employees who receive less than 2,000 euros, and who are now strangled by constrained spending and inflation which continues to rise. “A feeling of downgrading is being created. The 11% drop in consumption since the end of 2021 is an unprecedented turnaround since the post-war period. We are at a turning point,” Mathieu Plane, economist at the Observatory, told Le Parisien French Economic Conditions (OFCE). 34% of French people assure that “their income only allows them to make ends meet”, according to an Ipsos study for Secours populaire. Furthermore, more and more French people are falling into poverty and seeking help from associations.

A situation which weighs on the popularity of Emmanuel Macron and Élisabeth Borne, according to the latest surveys. Nupes executives, like Jean-Luc Mélenchon, do not benefit from it. Marine Le Pen and the RN, on the other hand, are making progress and are now particularly targeting the middle classes, the keys to the conquest of power.

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