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The air conditioning vents can also be cleaned by yourself, without necessarily going to a car wash, just have a few tools.

Rubber bread –

L’air conditioning has become one of the essential parts of the car, since there refreshes in the summer and there heats in winter. The vents like the whole air conditioning system, but like the whole car itself, always go kept clean. This for keep bad hatred awaywhich could escape from them, the risk is not being able to get into the car anymorefor the fault of the stench. The system to clean them it’s a lot simplerubber and a few other tools will be enough to always have a car clean.

Their importance and how to clean them

L’importance of these vents is very highsince they serve for keep the temperature of the car to how much we wantbut also for counteract condensation on the windshield. Also, the more function important is that of keep the air clean inside the machine. So now that we know this, we need to know how clean themwhy the method it’s a lot simple. They will only be enough few toolsas well as the time and the patience to go and do this little chore.

Vents to clean
Using the right tools to clean the air conditioning vents –

The chore begins in clean there part outsince i unions with which the air enters the air conditioner, they could be covered of sheets and other debris, which fall on the machine. When we get right at ventsit will be necessary to use: a foam panel and a sanitizer with its applicator. Here we should use the rubber pad very wellsince this is the tool, that will be able to clean wellgiven that reaches all the depths of the cracks. Use the rubber brush, only after using, the better sanitizer that there is, that you will have to spray on vents.

Maintenance is the correct thing to do

This chore falls within those of maintenancethat is to say clean the vents periodically. The timewhich has to go from one cleaning to another, should generally be of six months. Let’s say the time of a season, so at each equinox, clean up this essential part of the car. It goes without saying that this is a estimated timebut this chore yes it can do even more often. It depends on time it hasbut never wait that i arrive bad smells.

Always clean well
Maintenance will help you keep your car smelling good –

Once i bad smells come out of the air conditioning, it will become hard then send them away, with this simple method. You can try, but most likely thesmell will remainbecause it dirty is a lot. So it will touch you bring the car to washwhere the sanitation of the system. Here the cost is much higherand it gets better and better don’t get there. There non maintenancecould to cause a damage to filterswhich then will go changed. The cost it too is more tallcompared to normal maintenance, which we can do by ourselves. So try to keep clean your air conditioning ventsneither you will benefit in everything.

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