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Samantha Cristoforetti: from the improvised hairdresser Terry Virts, NASA astronaut, to the more essential style of Gennadiy Padalka, the cosmonaut of the cosmonauts, or the human being who has spent the most time in space. For 803 days, while she was in orbit on the Mir or the International Space Station, she never cut her hair, just as she decided to be the Italian ESA astronaut who has been in orbit since April 27 for the Minerva mission. Exactly, for 4 months now up there where a shower has not yet been built and where water does not flow, also because it is largely produced by recycling the urine of the crew.

As shown by Commander Cristoforetti on Twitter (one million followers is approaching) and on TikTok (various videos with over 1 million views), during his second mission he decided not to rely on the scissors and vacuum cleaner of his colleagues as happened 7 Years ago. What a mess for a hair? Well, at the time the astronaut’s floating short cut was actually asked of many hairdressers because the Italian soon became a source of inspiration for these reasons as well. And how to solve the decisive question of microgravity which on Earth is just gravity? The hairdressers did their best by using the gel to obtain the “weightless waving” effect, but in short.

And recently, Cristoforetti always remembered having taken in chestnut in 2014 (but at the time it was not known) the Oscar-winning actress Sandra Bullock and the Oscar-winning director Alfonso Cuarón who in the film Gravity they just could not, despite the use of amazing special effects, to reproduce the fluttering of the hair thus making the scenes inside the space station not very credible.

So here is the tutorial on how to face months and months without being able to take a shower and a shampoo and with very little free time because there are over 200 scientific experiments to carry out. The hair grows and in the meantime it is kept clean with a lotion. The final effect looks good, even if it fluctuates between punk and the Queen’s Guards hat, but only if you stay in orbit.


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