‘The Handmaid’s Tale’: The terrifying reason some handmaids wear rings in their mouths.

The Handmaid’s Tale is full of unimaginable nightmares brought to us by the mind of Margaret Atwood and her bestselling novel. The Hulu-branded series carried the story forward and includes many more atrocities the handmaids must endure. June (Elisabeth Moss) in the third season has discovered that there are handmaids even more unfortunate than her. These are forced to wear real rings like piercings in the skin to seal their mouths. It was really a shock at first sight. But why do these handmaids have rings in their mouths?

June has to cover her mouth while in Washington, DC

Audiences will remember when June travels to Washington, DC and encounters handmaids who are forced to seal their mouths with metal rings. During the visit, she June has to cover her mouth with a special red clothing accessory that covers her mouth and it’s really a horrible sight. It was awful to witness June try to talk to another handmaid and find out that she can’t talk about her because of the rings keeping her mouth shut.

Series writer Bruce Miller reveals why some of the handmaids have rings in their mouths.

It was truly terrifying to see women who were unable to speak with rings in their mouths. The motive behind this grotesque sight will shock you even more than the act itself. Series writer Bruce Miller recently revealed the details to Business Insider that the rings were actually a form of protest by the handmaids who were then used against them.

“We call them rings,” Miller explained. “It was my idea to put him in the series. It was an extrapolation of forced silence, which represents the idea that the handmaids should be silent, and are forced to be silent.”

The rings were voluntary initially and then as they went on they became a requirement.

Miller revealed that the rings were actually a voluntary experience at DC, at least initially. The maids decided to take a vow of silence and wear rings. “That’s how these things start, they’re voluntary, and then they’re encouraged, and then they’re demanded again,” Miller said.

Even Miller himself found it hard to look at handmaids with rings as much as the rest of us. “I think that [June] you’re seeing the train coming, the train of greater oppression and your voice being taken away from you even further,” Miller continued. “And look even more like an object. Being a walking uterus. So it’s the most horrific looking appliance, and the most horrific and shocking image to me. It was just terrible.”

June may not wear rings in her mouth, but she’s just as downtrodden as the other captive handmaids in Gilead. Hopefully fans will get to see her finally breaking the chains and finding her way out of Gilead and into freedom. She deserves it after everything she’s been through. There will be a fourth season of The Handmaid’s Tale following.

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