The head of the Xbox brand is not interested in console wars. Phil Spencer prefers to help the industry

Disputes and mutual competition between the Xbox and PlayStation communities have been known for a long time. Microsoft and Sony strive to ensure the greatest possible favor of players, but the Xbox boss does not waste energy on console wars. Spencer has a different plan and has been gradually implementing it for a long time.

The Redmond giant can boast an excellent end of the year, while the Japanese are preparing for promising premieres in the first months of 2022. Although the producers strive to attract the attention of the largest audience possible, Phil Spencer once again emphasizes that he does not intend to participate in the console war.

In a recent interview for Edge magazine, the Xbox representative stated that he is not losing strength to the deterioration of the competition – one of the leading employees Microsoft focuses on such elements as cross-play and cross-save:

“I’m not wasting my energy” making other gaming platforms smaller, making the Xbox bigger. ” I’m more interested in developing a game pie than in eating a piece from someone else. Which is why we focus on things like cross-play and cross-save. “

Spencer noted that situations where game fans cannot play together because they have consoles from different companies are still a problem. The Microsoft representative does not judge the actions of the competition, but emphasizes his message:

“It doesn’t help the industry grow when we put up artificial barriers. Does that mean we’re doing something different than the rest, you’d have to ask them. But I would say that for us it is not about someone else becoming smaller, that we can become bigger. “

During the discussion, the American also referred to the issue of Xbox Game Pass – in his opinion, not all Xbox users must be interested in the service.


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