The hen and her friends: Adele to Jennifer Lawrence


If in the world of the star there is a a couple of friends from love, to love pure and unconditional, is composed of Adele and Jennifer Lawrencethat time jumped to the honor of the chronicle as a BFF very close-knit.

The most recent news that the protagonists, is the bachelorette party that will have as queen, aka as a bride to be, Jennifer Lawrence. The actress, in fact, convolerà wedding with Cooke Maroney in short, even if you don’t know exactly when. In the meantime, preparations are in full swing. According to the rumors Adele he is dealing with personally to some aspects, just like a trusted friend should do.

The bachelorette party, the friend Adele to Jennifer Lawrence

An insider revealed to the The Sun as the singer has taken very seriously the commitment and how we are working hard to organize a memorable feast worthy of the after party to the Oscars. A few news leaked, but the declarations of the sources promise very well, “Adele wanted to organize something for Jennifer and has started to send out invitations to the party. At the moment it is all top secretbut the guests are slowly getting the invitations and it seems that it is a bargain wild“. To this is added another note. Among the guests there may, always from those collected from the The Sun, Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian.

Already so we are excited, because we know what Adele and Jennifer Lawrence are capable of when you put together. Time ago, for example, were caught partying in a gay bar in New York where the fans were mad because the two were unable to resist the unhealthy lure of karaoke, and you were thrown into the track along to the patrons of the local.

Adele also seems to have picked up the request Jennifer Lawrence. A month ago, the actress had stated in the podcast Catt Sadler “I do not want a bachelorette party, then at the last minute I decided to do it. None, however, was available at the last minute. So I started to cry. I thought, ‘I don’t even know why I am crying’. Did not even want a bachelorette party. I have only heard a very pathetic”.

For us, it’s all wonderful, and we’re just wondering why we have not got ourselves out the invitations for the the bachelorette party that her friend Adele are looking for Jennifer Lawrence.

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