The heroic 3-year-old saved his mother thanks to a cartoon

Everything happened in the English town of Rowley Regis. 3-year-old Thomas Boffey acted like a hero after his mom, 33-year-old Kayleigh Boffey, fell down the stairs.

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A 3-year-old saved his mother, who fell down the stairs

Kayleigh passed out when she hit her head on the stairs, but her little son didn’t panic. Instead, he called the 999 emergency number. Exactly like in the animated series on YouTube “Robocar POLI” about a police car, ambulance and fire engine.

The toddler managed to tell the police that “mommy fell down the stairs and she doesn’t want to wake up“. Then, using a chair, he walked through a special gate for children and began looking for the keys. Not only did he find the right one, he also opened the front door and then led the paramedics and policemen to his mother.

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