The high indexation of pensions in 2022, the Minister revealed the minimum level of the increases

On Tuesday, Minister Marlena Maląg visited Wirtualna Polska’s “Newsroom” program. She revealed, inter alia, what the retirees can expect in the near future.

– For 6 years we have been making sure that the valorization of pensions is dignified. This year we are planning a percentage indexation. We estimate that it will certainly be at least 7 percent. – she informed.

Let us add, however, that certain levels of valorization are imposed by law on the state. Indexing up to a certain amount is therefore not so much a goodwill as a duty.

Indexation consists in multiplying the amount of the benefit by indexation index. And this one is calculated by adding the average annual consumer price index (inflation) in the previous calendar year to at least 20%. real (i.e. inflation-adjusted) increase in average wages in the previous calendar year.

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