The highest-grossing horror movie of all time is coming to streaming and it’s freaking crazy!

Notice to horror movie lovers, Prime Video just uploaded That, the film adaptation of Stephen King’s novel starring Bill Skarsgård. Set in October 1998 in the small town of Derry, Maine, the feature film follows Georgie Denbrough, a seven-year-old child who, wearing his rubber boots and a yellow raincoat, goes to play alone under the rain. There he meets a disturbing clown by the name of Grippe-Sou (or Pennywise in VO), who grabs him in the city sewers. Bill Denbrough, whose little brother was never found after his unfortunate encounter with the clown, is one of seven teenagers regularly harassed by a gang of bullies. They have in common the fact of having experienced their greatest terror in the face of the one they call “It”.

Thatthe highest-grossing horror film of all time

Within a few weeks, That became the biggest hit in horror movie history with $701 million worldwide. He thus exceeds several successful films, including Conjuring, The Nunthe first two parts ofannabelle as well as The Exorcist by William Friedkin. It must be said that the feature film with Bill Skarsgård benefited from a clever promotional campaign. In Australia, red balloons like in the film have been hung from manholes. The huge success of the horror film led to the birth of a sequel, released in 2019. It: Chapter 2 (to see on Netflix) with Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy made more than $400 million at the box office, a score significantly lower than the first film.

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Misery : this other movie adapted from Stephen King is available on Prime Video

In addition to ThatPrime Video has added to its catalog Misery, a breathtaking thriller adapted from a work by Stephen King. Released in 1990, Rob Reiner’s film tells the story of Paul Sheldon, successful novelist and creator of a rose water saga. But, for his latest novel, he decides against all odds to kill the heroine, who brought him success. When he has just finished his book, he is the victim of a serious car accident during a snowstorm. Unconscious, he is quickly rescued by Annie Wilkes, a nurse who is an unconditional fan of the novelist’s heroine, who takes him to an isolated chalet. To thank the one who saved him, Paul Sheldon lets her read his new manuscript. She discovers to her great anger that her favorite heroine dies. The nurse then reveals to the novelist that no one knows where he is. In the cast of this film, we find James Caan (who died in 2022 following a heart attack), Kathy Bates and Hollywood legend Lauren Bacall.

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