The highest paid Stars: the two “almost” Kardashian at the top


According To Forbes, the star the most famous of the planet have earned $ 6.1 billion before taxes and fees, less than $ 200 million to 2019. This is because of the COVID-19, which has forced the closure of the stadiums and to mute the shows around the world. It’s the first result with the minus sign from 2016, the year following the event which has seen Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao split nearly half a billion dollars in the bag is rich with the history of boxing. However, in spite of a global pandemic, an America on the crisis of nerves due to tensions racial, Europe almost in the knee and a china at the center of the alleged conspiracies, the show still goes on. The show must go on.

The top of the class

At the top of the ranking of the celebrities paid can not miss them, Kylie Jenner and Kanye Westthe two almost Kardashian took home, respectively, $ 590 million and $ 170 million. West thanks to the revenue generated from its business of sneaker Yeezy with Adidas, while Jenner is passed to the collection thanks to the sale of a stake of 51% in his company, cosmetics at Coty (last January). Although the passing of years has proven as the real size of its assets were less than you thought, the money arising from the agreement is anything but fictitious – one of the largest collections of celebrities all of the time.

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Three big palyers streaming have given as much as $ 300 million to the star listRyan Reynolds (to the n position. 18 with $ 71.5 million), Billie Eilish (b. 43, $ 53 million) and Jerry Seinfeld (no. 46, $ 51 million), with Netflix, which has deployed more than two-thirds of the entire sum.

Shows and Sports

The concerts have been great architects of the most profitable revenue in the careers of many of the great composers and interpreters of contemporary, with the Divide Tour Ed Sheeran that led in stages to 8.9 million fans and grossed at the box office well $ 776 million over two years. Others will suffer a grievous setback next year as the tour for everyone, by Taylor Swift (the n position. 25 with $ 63.5 million) Paul McCartney (no. 93, $ 37 million), were postponed to a later date or cancelled due to the COVID.

With regard to the sport, the king is Roger Federer (n. 3 in the general classification, with $ 106.3 million): it’s the first tennis player in history to climb to the top among the athletes in the ranking listwhile CR7 (no. 4, $ 105 million) became the first football player to earn the amount of $ 1 billion during his career. Naomi Osaka (another tennis player) has already set the record at n. 90 of the general classification, earning $ 37 million revenue, the largest amount of money that any female athlete has ever grossed in a single year.

Cristiano Ronaldo:

New entries

For the first time, also, podcasting appears to be in the voice of Bill Simmons ( overall no. 13, $ 82.5 million), which sold its company to a podcast (The Ringer) Spotify in February for $ 206 million us. Another new entry is the creator as well as the protagonist of Hamilton, that is, Lin-Manuel Miranda (n. 62, $ 45.5 million), which has added to the tremendous success of Broadway, the $ 75 million paid Disney for the rights to broadcast of his musical As A Founding Father.

Top 10

  1. KYLIE JENNER $ 590M
  2. KANYE WEST $ 170M
  3. ROGER FEDERER $ 106.3 M
  5. LIONEL MESSI $ 104M
  6. TYLER PERRY $ 97M
  7. NEYMAR $ 95,5 M
  9. LEBRON JAMES $ 88,2 M
  10. DWAYNE JOHNSON $ 87,5 M

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