The history of the vestidazo futuristic Kaia Gerber

Born in San Sebastian in mid-1934Francisco Rabaneda Shutter, designer signature worldwide is known as Paco Rabanne, was linked to fashion as a child, as his mother was the seamstress chief designer Cristóbal Balenciaga. However, it was not until he went to France when he began working as a creator of accessories for couturiers such as Dior and Givenchy, although it was his skill with the sewing so that later propelled his success. Your research to achieve new materials forged the futuristic style that has been, is and always will be the hallmark of your brand. And that is, if there is something distinctive in their collections is the use of metals and industrial materials, something that revolutionized the concept that was until then on the fashionbut that still remains today trend, as evidenced by the last vestidazo of Kaia Gerber, in which the aluminum was the chosen material for the preparation of the design.

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Since his first collection, presented in 1963, innovative materials such as plastic, paper and aluminum were the protagonists of the proposal, a feature that remained throughout its history. With the turn of the century, the firm gave a turn of 180 degrees to be acquired by the Puig group, and Paco Rabanne went on to be a brand of prèt-â-porter under the creative direction of Manis Arora, Lydia Maurer and is the current manager, Julien Dossena. Before retiring, the designer referred to as “the metallurgy of fashion” by the Coco Chanel, introduced in his creations, the metal mesh and incorporated elements of more ecological, which showed that even in his last moments ceased to innovate.

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More than 50 years later, the empire Paco Rabanne encompasses much more than design and manufacture: from perfumes to decorative elementsalthough his character of transgression and the little conformist is still the same patent now in their beginnings. There have been many women who have passed through the hands of the creator throughout his career, which became his muses. Jane Fonda or Audrey Hepburn were some of the great icons of the 60s that fell rendered to their feet and dressed in their creations futuristic.

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But now his legacy continues with the new generations, which are responsible for the character’s futuristic Paco Rabanne follow stepping with the same force that in its early days. And Kaia Gerber has been the last to sport one of their designs, who has chosen a creation belonging to the collection autumn winter 2019/2020 to attend an evening event in New York. With the style minimalist and sober that characterizes the model you have chosen a piece very characteristic of the signature: a dress made of metal with neckline at ‘V’ and floral detail on the front. A bet very flattering to the figure of the dummy that has combined with some leather sandals with snake print-black, belonging to the collaboration that the top has done it with Jimmy Choo. Living in an era in which ‘anything goes’ makes a few things take us by surprise, though Paco Rabanne is still struggling because of the innovation and futurist temperament remains one of its main allies.

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