The hit movie channel Warner TV has announced great movies for January evenings! Where to find this station on TV?

Warner TV – which appeared on Polish television replacing the TNT channel – announced new hits for January 2022! On Fridays, this station will now broadcast two cult comedies appreciated around the world. As part of “Comedy Evenings” you will be able to watch films such as “Love and Other Drugs”, “Agent XXL” or “All Happiness”. Where to find this channel?

Warner TV channel invites you to comedies on January Fridays! Where to find and watch blockbuster movies on TV?

Warner TV launched in Poland on October 23, 2021, replacing the channel TNT. Although there was a clear rebranding, the profile of the station has not changed – but the scheduling has definitely changed in favor of the viewer! Warner TV is very much a wide range of films and series, in many cases more known and appreciated than those previously broadcast on TNT. In January, Warner TV invites its viewers to the series “Comedy evenings”. What movies will be available to watch this month?

Comedies from the first decade of the new millennium have a special charm. Absurd gags set in the realities of everyday situations make viewers eagerly return to films from that period. In January, Warner TV invites you to “Comedy evenings”: the series will include many titles from the 2000s and more. Release from Friday, January 7.

It is hard to find a more iconic young comedy star of the early 21st century than Lindsay Lohan – the actress quickly became known for her roles as young girls who go through life’s turbulence. He will appear in the movie on Warner TV “Fortunately” (January 28, 20:15). Chris Pine will accompany her on the screen. They will play as characters that are completely opposite to each other. She is lucky with everything: her dream clothes are falling from the sky, everyone wants to do something nice for her. He is utterly unlucky, and everything he touches shatters to pieces. One kiss at a random party will make them turn into a life situation. Though she wants to do anything to regain a winning streak, he is reluctant to give up the unexpected gift he has received from fate.

The hit movie channel Warner TV has announced great hits for January evenings!  Where to find this station on TV?

Films with comedian Martin Lawrence will also be shown in “Comedy Evenings”. IN “Agent XXL” (January 21, 20:15) he is a secret service employee who wants to catch the perpetrator. To do this, he has to get close to his partner. There is only one way to do this: dress up as the criminal’s mother and find out all the necessary information about the victim. It begins to function undercover, in the costume of an elderly woman. IN “Black Knight” (January 21, 10:10 pm) Martin Lawrence plays a historical amusement park employee who has a carefree approach to life. One day he hits his head while working and faints – when he regains consciousness, he wakes up in the Middle Ages. His carefree and easygoing approach to life causes him to shock many medieval inhabitants of the city.

Warner TV also invites you to screenings of bittersweet comedy-drama. Movie “Love and other drugs” (Jan. 7, 8:10 pm) tells the story of a couple who start a happy relationship, although she (played by Anne Hathaway) prefers to explore their own spirituality, and he (Jake Gyllenhaal) is a materialist and drug dealer. When she begins to fall in love with the heroine, it turns out that Maggie is struggling with Parkinson’s disease. Together, they discover whether they will be able to continue the relationship in such an extreme situation.

The hit movie channel Warner TV has announced great hits for January evenings!  Where to find this station on TV?
Love and other drugs

The station also invites you to a film broadcast “King of Comedy” (January 14, 10:05 pm) directed by Martin Scorsese, starring Robert De Niro and Jerry Lewis. It tells the story of an unfulfilled comedian who follows his idol and hopes to gain fame and recognition. As time passes, their relationship becomes more and more tense, and the intentions of the unfulfilled jester are far from friendly.

Every Friday in January this year. Warner TV invites you to two more productions as part of the “Comedy Evenings” band. Start now January 7!

Comedy movies on Warner TV in January – airing schedule:

  • 07.01, 20:10 – “Love and other drugs”
  • 07.01, 22:15 – “Empire Records”
  • 14.01, 20:15 – “Freaky”
  • 14.01, 22:05 – “King of Comedy”
  • 21.01, 20:15 – “Agent XXL “
  • 21.01, 22:10 – “Black Knight”
  • 28.01, 20:15 – “Fortunately”
  • 28.01, 22:15 – “Guess who”

The movie channel available in Poland will soon look completely different!  Warner is changing TV stations - what will Polish viewers get?

Where can you watch Warner TV movies on TV?

The channel is available in the same location as its predecessor (TNT) from a number of cable, satellite and IPTV operators. Suitable in resolution HD in the following places:

  • Polsat Box – channels 44 and 152
  • CANAL + – channel 72
  • UPC Polska – channels 206 and 486
  • Vectra – channel 315
  • Orange TV – channels 72 and 235
  • Netia – channel 143
  • Play NOW


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