The hoax: incentives for electric turned to diesel?

The Fiat 500e, the best-selling electric in Italy, but with modest volumes compared to France and Germany.

The joke: the Draghi government could turn the funds for incentives for electric cars to diesel vehicles. The alarm from the Motus-e association.

the joke
The situation of the incentives from the website of the Ministry of Economic Development: many funds available for electric (CO2 0-20) and plug-in hybrids (CO2 21-60). Money out of stock for some time, however, for traditional cars (CO2 61-135).

The joke: the unspent money could also end up in diesel cars

The premise is that Italians are taking advantage of the bonuses for electric cars with the dropper and stay a substantial endowment of funds. While those for cars with traditional engines are gone sold out immediately . But instead of correcting the game by including companies in the incentives, the government would have something else in mind: “We had already predicted months ago that the incentives for electricity would not work, making the forecast a participant Ministry of Economic Developmentexplains Francesco Naso, General Secretary of Motus-E, the association representing the stakeholders of electric mobility. “Now we also learn the proposal to move the incentives for electric mobility to other sectors, such as for example the diesel. What we do not agree with is the fact that with a series of corrective measuresalready exposed at the time, it could really restart electric mobility in Italy“.
the joke
Francesco Naso of Motus-e.

Immediately open the bonus for electric company cars

For example, explains Naso again, opening the bonus to the sector of company fleets, always relevant for sales and registrations. And strangely excluded from the current forms of incentives (which would guarantee a quality used). Or by raising the limit price for electric, now set at 35 thousand euros.These are useful corrections so that incentives can really affect and work“. Nose adds that in all European countries, electric mobility is growing e only in Italy are we going back. This is precisely due to a series of difficulties in the use of bonuses. “Moreover“, Adds Naso,”they just passed alone two months from the introduction of the incentivesi for electric cars. And it is premature to take stock at this time of a strategy created to guarantee the gradualness of spending“. M.otus-e finally renews the request to strengthen the strategies to install private columns in condominiums.

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