the hottest nights put a strain on health; a study says it »

Uncontrollable heat at night will increase the risk of death From a climatic point of view it is well known that heat waves, with each passing year, are increasing more and more. Obviously what has been said is the consequence of the uncontrollable
global warming which is alarming the whole planet.

It should also be noted that this phenomenon, which we now hear about practically every day, has very serious consequences that affect human health. This was confirmed by a recent international study conducted by the University of North Carolina Gillings, School of Global Public Health. The research, as reported Skytg24 and also published in the magazine “The Lancet Planetary Health“, He pointed out that the increasingly warm nights put human health at serious risk and if global warming does not stop by the end of the century, we will see a worldwide mortality rate increased by 60%.

This was confirmed by the experts of the study who expressly said that the High temperatures can disrupt the normal sleep-wake cycle, thus causing serious damage to the immune system and increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease, chronic diseases, inflammation and mental health conditions. The co-author of the study, the scientist Yuqiang Zhang, explained that the risk associated with rising night temperatures is often underestimated. “Our study found that nights characterized by rather high temperatures will occur more rapidly than the daily variations of the average temperature.”Reports Zhang.

In short, the climatic situation around the world is becoming more and more complex. Scholars have even estimated that the average intensity of hot nights will double between now and 2090, doing so increase the risk of death by nearly six times.

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