The human washing machine that washes the body, not the clothes (and is relaxing)

A group of Japanese scientists has devised the first human washing machine that not only washes but relaxes the body for a unique bathing experience.

Usoyaro project

Usoyaro project

Not only ultra-technological toilets that sound and heat up, from Japan the latest bathroom trends arrive and this time they are about bathtubs that look like incubators. This is the project of a group of Japanese scientists who came up with the first human washing machine which not only washes but relaxes the body for the best bathroom experience never lived before.

Project Usoyaro it is essentially a human washing machine powered by artificial intelligence which, thanks to a fine bubble technology and multiple sensors, is able to offer a unique bathing experience. Already in 1970 the society Sanyo Electric had launched an egg-shaped ultrasonic bath, exhibited at the Osaka Expo, which could clean, massage and dry the user in 15 minutes. The new project ofUsoyaro Science Co. Ltd is inspired by the ultrasonic bath but surpasses it in functions and technology. Instead, it will be launched on the occasion ofOsaka Expo 2025 and consists of a washing machine designed for the human being that not only allows you to clean those who dive but can also be used as a place to relax.

The human washing machine

The human washing machine

Complete with a integrated display that to set favorite programs or project relaxing images, the Usoyaro project works with sensors that measure the sympathetic and parasympathetic reaction of the body in order to regulate the effects. The invention uses the most recent fine bubble technology to relax and various motion sensors to thoroughly cleanse the body. The “human washing machine” is not only designed for cleaning and relaxation but also just like a car to rest after a tiring day, as inside it is equipped with a screen and relaxing music.

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After a day of work, there is nothing better than a good warm bath in the tub. The Usoyaro project surpasses any concept of a bathtub ever devised to date and can be used to measure the state of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system in order to offer the best possible relaxation experience. The human washing machine is not yet under construction but is expected to be completed by 2025 to be marketed.

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