The “hunger pandemic” in Latin America. The biggest decline in GDP in 120 years

2021-12-04 08:30

2021-12-04 08:30

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The coronavirus pandemic is accompanying the “hunger pandemic” in Latin America. This is how the media in this region of the world called the increasingly severe malnutrition of the poorest layers of its inhabitants as a result of the COVID-19 attack.

Four out of every ten people in the region’s countries are not adequately fed, and nearly one in ten suffer from hunger, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) latest report on the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic said.

The number of people who are starving in the region, which has been increasing for the sixth year, increased by as much as 30 percent in 2020. Currently, 59.7 million people in Latin America are starving – the most in 20 years.

Last year, 9.1 percent suffered from hunger. inhabitants of Latin America, while before the pandemic, in 2019 – 7.1 percent. This means that the number of people affected by famine or severe malnutrition has increased by 13.8 million people.

The region’s GDP decreased by 6.8% in 2020. “This is the biggest decline in 120 years,” says the FAO report.

“This fact has made Latin America the region of the world most affected by the coronavirus pandemic in terms of food security,” the Argentine daily El Clarin wrote on Thursday. “We have to say it emphatically and clearly: Latin America and the Caribbean are in a critical position in terms of their food security,” said Julio Berdegue, the region’s representative at FAO.

Countries where the greatest number of inhabitants suffer to various degrees of malnutrition are, inter alia, Guatemala – about 50 percent, Honduras – 47 percent and El Salvador – 46 percent

The fewest people go hungry in Brazil, Cuba and Uruguay. According to FAO data, in these three countries there are less than 2.5% starving people, which does not mean that there are also no “severe malnutrition” phenomena there.

A special case among the largest economies of Latin America is Argentina ruled by the center-left, Peronist government, where as much as 35.8 percent is threatened with malnutrition or starvation. population. In 2021, inflation in Argentina reached 52 percent. compared to the previous year. It was the highest in 30 years and even higher than in Venezuelawhile in other countries of the region it was single-digit.

As “El Clarin” writes, “the precarious food situation in Argentina hit women more than men: it affected 41.8% of Argentinean women and 32.2% of men, which is confirmed by the latest research of the Catholic University of Argentina ( UCA), one of the most prestigious universities in Latin America.

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