The ideal bikes to ride for short people

When you choose which motorbike to buy or which motorbike we would like to have for our travels and in everyday life, we focus on technical and aesthetic characteristics and above all, we try to satisfy our tastes. What is not always taken into account, however, are the measures.

If it is true that many riders who race on speed tracks are not exactly cuirassiers, but I manage to ride and govern very powerful bikes that are the same for everyone, on the street the question changes. It is necessary to have greater control of all the behaviors to be kept in traffic, respecting the signs and traffic regulations. For these reasons it is necessary to have mastery of the vehicle even in small maneuvers such as a sudden stop, or in the details of the controls that must be easily accessible and usable in every stretch and road condition.

The big crossovers, the best-selling and most appreciated segment of the market, have ideal characteristics for every type of use and every need, but are often large and heavy at medium and short stature. Other models can instead satisfy those who want to drive a valid, exciting and feel at ease in all conditions.

Royal Enfield Scram 411

One of the most interesting innovations of 2022 in this perspective is certainly the Royal Enfield Scram 411 which condenses in a single motorcycle, the cycling versatility of the Himalayan, but with a more street cut and the maximum driveability of motorcycles with high handlebars and position of the bust perpendicular. In general, the whole range of the Indian brand goes well with those who do not exceed the meter and eighty. Saddle height from the ground: 79.5 cm.

Benelli Leoncino 800

Benelli also offers models with similar characteristics such as the Leoncino 800, much appreciated by aficionados of the Pesaro brand and even less experienced motorcyclists who can enjoy 76 hp, approaching a manageable and accessible motorcycle for purchase. Saddle height from the ground: 80.5 cm. If you then turn to a more classic and extreme model like the Imperiale 400, the detachment of the feet from the ground is reduced by another two centimeters with only 78 seat distance and becomes ideal.

Moto Guzzi V7

For Moto Guzzi, the ideal compromise for all motorcyclists is certainly the V7 series. With this model, the Mandello Lario company offers the public the essence of motorcycling according to its tradition. In this regard, there is a European endurance trophy dedicated to the 750 twin-cylinder which is a continuous success, being the bike with which everyone can find their ideal use. Off the ground by 78 cm, the saddle offers comfort and the controls are simple and all close together.

Suzuki SV 650

After the success of a few years ago where the initials SV, Suzuki proposed a sporty twin in the two versions, 650 and 1000 cc and in two series, naked and S, with half fairing and front fairing, the Hamamatsu house keeps the most popular model on the list. success or the 650 naked. Also in this case, the abundant 70 Hp is within everyone’s reach with a trellis frame in good evidence that gives the right rigidity by combining with a seat distance of 78.5 cm from the ground.

Triumph Bonneville Bobber

It catches the eye like many cruisers and custom bikes, but it wins you over as soon as you sit on the saddle. Yes, because the Triumph Bonneville Bobber has all the controls in the right place with a seat just 69 cm above the ground. Unlike classic custom bikes, which no longer pay attention to how low they are, here the stirrups and handlebars don’t have too much limb extension like the other Bonneville, becoming the classic for all sizes.

The custom in fact, these are the bikes with the saddle position tending to be closer to the ground, but encounter non-ideal factors such as the poor ground clearance of the superstructure and often, footpegs and handlebars are far from the body of the motorcyclist who is forced to lie down to ride long-wheelbase motorcycles.

It should not be overlooked that the female motorcycle movement is constantly growing and the pink quotas on the mountain passes are increasing. Thanks to women, the beauty and pleasure of riding a motorcycle is fully cleared of customs and they are no longer mere passengers, intoxicated by that charm mixed with disenchantment that the male motorcyclist exercises in carrying them with him, but they are active protagonists of his own experience on two. wheels. Therefore, models accessible to female physicists are welcome and that can, even indirectly, encourage driving, traveling, the passion for something that expresses freedom and that finally frees us from preconceptions.

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