The illegal Bitcoin mine was closed – they stole electricity, but they caught them

Cryptocurrency mining can generate huge profits, but it is not always a fair source of income. Unfortunately, for some it is not a problem and they create illegal mines. How does it end? I guess you can predict.

Our regular readers probably know that illegal mining of cryptocurrencies is a well-known topic, but the services are increasingly liquidating such businesses. Some time ago, we wrote about the closure of points in China, Kyrgyzstan, and even in Poland – at the Police Headquarters. Recently, a similar story took place in Malaysia – the local services raided a powerful Bitcoin mine.

Police closed huge cryptocurrency mine

The case is reported by local Malaysian media. Last Wednesday, the services conducted a raid on the largest cryptocurrency mine in the Manjung district – the action lasted 13 hours and was attended by 154 police officers, 15 technicians from the energy company and 6 firefighters.

  Illegal cryptocurrency mine - commandeered ASIC excavators

  Illegal cryptocurrency mine - commandeered ASIC excavators

The effect of the action was impressive. During the press conference, it was revealed that the services had raided 30 points, where 1,720 ASIC cryptocurrency miners with a total value of 3.5 million Malaysian ringgits were confiscated (we are talking about a really large sum, because according to the current exchange rate, this corresponds to about PLN 3.4 million) ).

As could be expected, the business operated illegally – the suspects were charged with theft of electricity, and the total losses of the energy company were estimated at 2 million Malaysian ringgits (approximately PLN 1.9 million). The caretaker of one of the premises, who is to assist in the investigation, was also arrested during the action.

What will happen to the confiscated excavators? Unfortunately, this was not revealed. Some services decide to auction, while others allocate equipment for destruction.

Source: Sinar Harian

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