“The important thing is to impress the people around you”

Almudena Martorell is executive chairman of the A LA PAR Foundation, which celebrates its 75th anniversary this year, The Spanish Institute has worked for the rights and participation of people with intellectual disabilities in our society all these years.

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It is a foundation that has a long family heritage. It started with Almudena’s great-grandmother, continued with her grandmother, then her mother, and now her grandmother. A sweeping saga of women united in their fight for equal opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities.

As a psychologist and doctor of psychiatryTheir professional and academic experience contributes to a great advance in the design of supports that manage to break down the barriers that these people face in their day-to-day life.

It has also worked with day centers and supervised accommodation to improve the autonomy of those in need. A valuable and necessary social project to which has been added the creation of a care unit for women with intellectual disabilities who are victims of abuse and mistreatment.

For his tireless dedication to others, Dr. Martorell has received numerous awards for both research and social management.

They include APMIB Tutelary Foundation’s National Research Award for research for a workshop on emotional skills in adolescents with mental retardation, and Police Merit Cross with White Badge, In recognition of the work done by the UAVDI of the A LA PAR Foundation.

On this occasion, Top 100 dedicated the magazine Your valuable time so that we can know more about him, his passion, hobbies and personality.

A star thought you’ve always had in mind?

The environment and the eye of the beholder have tremendous power in the creation of reality. Just as for centuries it was thought that women couldn’t read, or vote, or manage our lives, I often wonder: How much of the “can’t” is that of people with intellectual disabilities? There is in them and how much in a society that do you see them with those eyes?

Can you share a funny anecdote that holds a useful lesson for future Top 100s?

When I go to congresses or conferences outside of Spain and they pick me up at the airport and they look at me and they look behind me to see if anyone looks like “Dr. Martorell.”

Name three leading women for yourself. why they?

My grandmother, my mother and my daughter. I think this modern mantra that the important thing in life is to pass on or leave a legacy is wrong. I believe that the important thing is to impress the people around you, and that this is the most important parameter of all.

Recommend us a movie, a book and a song.

A movie: champions by Javier Feser.

A book: easy reading by Christina Morales.

and a song: Extraordinary Damn Nerea.

A characteristic present in most women.

Instinct to care for others.

Meeting is…

Knowing that you don’t neglect your work or those you love.

Any advice for job interviews?

Be as authentic as possible. Even if you don’t get the job, working someplace where you can’t be yourself is a punishment, not an achievement.

When you meet someone and why first of all pay attention to three things.

Shoes, and not for the posh! This is because it allows me to position myself in another’s choice and way of being. I also pay attention to whether or not they smile because that shows me the kind of openness they give me.

And finally, in rhythm, whether it is leisurely and calm or energetic and vital. Although I’ll admit I like both extremes, identifying this helps me a lot in adapting to its compass.

What little things do you identify with disconnection?

Playing any game disconnects me: playing cards, board games, adventure games, puzzles, word games… Also, I find that the day we stop playing, we suddenly (in a spiritual sense) become old.

An exotic blemish you can’t stand?

People who correct others. It can sometimes be comforting to feel above someone, but it also prevents you from learning from others and building together.

Sleep is…

Travel to an amazing and authentic place with your loved ones, to re-live what you have lived and even dream of the impossible.

A hobby that defines him.

Fully understand and comprehend everything that is revealed to me. It doesn’t matter though, I have to understand, this is madness. And it annoys those around me, because I can’t stop asking until everything becomes clear.

The one color that will never enter your wardrobe

I’ve never used red, but I can’t say why. Maybe if I wore more red, this wouldn’t be me and I wouldn’t have a job that I’m so happy about.

Any questions that you feel you can learn a lot about from others?

Ask someone to hum a song. I don’t ask this as often as I should so they don’t see me being funny, but when you do, it’s amazing how innocuous mutterings reveal other’s hidden realities! try it!

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