The incentives for cars are changing and now they are also for charging stations

NEW INCENTIVE PACKAGE – Important news regarding state subsidies for the purchase of low-emission car. The ministerial decree approved by the Government at the beginning of August was published in the Official Gazette. With the publication, the fifteen-day process for the entry into force of the Dpcm begins, which means that in a couple of weeks the interested parties submit questions to take advantage of the new incentives.

INCENTIVES FOR ELECTRICITY – But what do the inter-ministerial provisions on state support for the purchase of non-polluting vehicles provide in detail? First of all, the facilitation comes increased by 50% for buyers with a income annual less than 30,000 euros, for the purchase of new vehicles of a class not lower than Euro 6, with emissions of carbon dioxide included between 0 and 20 g / km and a price not exceeding 35,000 euros VAT excluded. It is, in practice, the electric carsfor which the contribution rises from the current 3,000 euros to 4,500. Further advantages are provided for the above-mentioned subjects who, together with the purchase of a new low environmental impact car, will be scrapped a vehicle before 5 euros: the state will provide an incentive from 5,000 to 7,500 euros.

AND THOSE FOR PLUG-IN HYBRIDS – For vehicles with emissions pollutants included in 21-60 g / km range (therefore the hybrids, mainly plug-in), and a price cap of 45,000 euros, the incentive rises from 2,000 to 3,000 euros (from 4,000 and 6,000 euros with scrapping). How many in the range of emissions between 61 and 135 g / km (endothermic and hybrid), it must be remembered that the incentives have been exhausted for months now. I am instead out of stock for months, the incentives for the emissions range between 61 and 135 g / km (vehicles with internal combustion engine or light hybrid).

GOOD NEWS FOR RENTAL – In its new configuration, the decree now extends the bonuses to rental company of cars, as long as they keep their ownership for at least 12 months, thus solving one of the thorniest problems that emerged from the previous text, which excluded rental companies and operators from the measures. It should be noted that in this case the bonuses are halved by 50%.

THE BONUSES FOR THE COLUMNS – The decree containing the provision aimed at accelerating the dissemination of charging columns private and condominium. The measure, financed with 40 million euros, provides for a contribution equal to80% of the price purchase and installation, with a maximum limit of 1,500 euros per applicant and 8,000 euros in the event that the construction involves the common parts of condominium buildings.

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