the incentives to install it and save on bills

Even the photovoltaic pergola can be paid half thanks to tax deductions: if we have a carport or another type of cover in the garden we can have a mini photovoltaic system that can make us pay our bills less. Let’s find out what are the benefits to install this renewable energy system and make you save on your bills.

A garden canopy or even a carport can turn into one photovoltaic pergola that we can have with the tax deductions even at half price.

Photovoltaic pergola: the tax deduction for the installation


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We can take advantage of the 50% deduction even when the system is not positioned on the main building but on a pertinence or on the adjacent land (as long as it is connected to the domestic meter).

You can use them roofs of gazebos or parking spaces that can become gods mini photovoltaic systems and, to the need for a sheltered outdoor space to which the production and wanting the accumulation of energy to consume breaking down your bills.

Photovoltaic pergolas: when is it convenient?


In some conditions the photovoltaic pergolas are also artifacts in free buildingwhich facilitates them installation and therefore also i indirect costs due to bureaucracy (or always without prejudice to the provisions of regional regulations, municipal planning instruments, Building Regulations and Constraints of every order and degree, industry and special standardsprocedures and structural seismic checks).

Of course there are several conditions that must be considered before installing photovoltaic panels domesticeven those on a gazebo roof or covered parking space: exposure to the sunthe production capacity, the investment initial and amortization of expenses.

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