The incident in Athens. An Orthodox priest called the Pope a heretic

Informing about this, the Austrian Catholic agency Kathpress recalled that in the Greek Orthodox Church there are still sometimes quite strong objections to the voice of the Catholic Church and all non-Orthodox Churches in general.

The incident on Saturday afternoon was not the only expression of dissatisfaction of the local Orthodox clergy. Shortly before the Pope’s visit, the head of the Church of Greece had to firmly reject the public protest of one of the diocesan bishops. The Metropolitan of Konitsa on the border with Albania, Andrzej (Trembelas), in an official letter to the authorities of his Church, protested “as strongly as possible against the arrival of the archheretic Francis.” He ended his dissatisfaction with the words: “For me, at least, this bad guy is undesirable. He will only bring a catastrophe to Greece.”

Looking at the long term, however, ecumenical openness in the Church of Greece has increased markedly in recent years. For example, the visit of John Paul II in May 2001 was preceded and accompanied by many more objections from the clergy and some of the inhabitants, and there was also a clear distance towards the guest from the then Archbishop Christodulos (Paraskevaidis), although later the papal visit itself was very positive.

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