the incredible confession of a bodyguard of Lady D

“I was Princess Diana’s“ Rambo ”bodyguard. She would still be alive if I had been on duty the night she died

Those words uttered by one of the people they were at the time are dismayed closest to Lady Diana. We are talking about “Rambo”, as the princess herself nicknamed him, or her bodyguard but not only, the person with whom he confided the most, revealing himi his greatest fears and future projects, in short, one of the men who knew her best, as well as protecting her and ensure its safety.

He wasn't there
“I could have been in that car, Diana could have been saved”

AND, 25 years after Diana’s disappearance, Lee Sansum remains adamant that if he had been with her the night she died along with Dodi Fayed in a car accident in Paris on August 31, 1997, she would still be alive. In an exclusive interview Lee revealed that to decide who would accompany Trevor Rees-Jones, lother bodyguard British was seriously injured in the accident of which she is the only survivor but, due to a bad head injury, she does not remember anything, they used the ‘game’ of straws. And Lee lost, which is why she wasn’t with Diana on the day he lost his life.

“I could have been in that car, Diana could have been saved”

But that’s not all why in the exclusive interview the man, who is now 60 years old, has revealed that he possesses as a treasure the letter from Diana who thanks him for making his last holiday in the sun of St. Tropez “magical” but also his fears that she may be murdered. “It could have been me in that car,” he revealed, “We used the straw system to decide who would accompany Trevor that weekend; mine was long, so I lost.

When I learned that in the accident they weren’t wearing seat belts, I understood why they did not survive. It shouldn’t have happened ”. Lee added that for the couple it was “standard practice to wear seat belts, it was an order given by Dodi’s father, Mohamed Fayed. Dodi, in particular, hated wearing seat belts and I always insisted for it to do “.

The incredible career of the bodyguard

Lee, born in Burnley, recounted his incredible career in personal protection in a new book: He had been in charge of take care of Dodi and Dianathen 36, when they stayed at the Fayeds’ 30-room villa in St Tropez, southern France, in July 1997. Throughout his career he has also protected the likes of Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman and Sylvester Stallone and the footballer Pele.

He was not allowed to do this during the night
Diana’s revelations to Lee

Diana’s revelations to Lee

Diana woke up at 7 every day in the morning and chatted with the bodyguard. She said: “She was happy during that vacation. But I had also seen her in tears, when she learned of the murder of his friend, the designer Gianni Versace. She confided in me her own fears of one day being murdered. She asked me if I thought her murder of her outside her home was a professional murder. I thought it was. She then she said something that she always stayed with me: ‘Do you think they’ll do this to me?’ She was shaking and it was clear from her tone that she really thought someone might have done it to her too. I spent some time reassuring her that no one would try to kill her and she was safe with us, but she definitely thought there was a risk that she might someday be murdered. ” Diana also told Lee that he wanted to live with Dodi in the United States.

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