The incredible video of the Paris metro flooded by the rain

Bad weather alarm in Paris, literally ended up under water due to rain: apocalyptic scenarios in the subway, underground waterfalls

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Waterfalls in the subway. The apocalyptic scenario is that of the station Balard, to Paris, flooded due to the rain. It is estimated that the one that usually falls in one hour fell on the French capital 3 weeks.

In the short video of the flooded metro, which went viral on Twitter (there are almost 4 million views), we see a cascade of water come down the stairs.

The whole station is hostage to the rain, two women they try to to escape to avoid getting trapped.

Thunderstorms in Paris after weeks of scorching heat

The weather alert in Paris comes after weeks of scorching heat And Drought.

The rain, in addition to the metro, also flooded the streets.

The French meteorological service has announced violent thunderstorms in the departments of the Mediterranean coast for the next few hours.

Gusts of wind, the alarm from the Eiffel Tower

It is estimated that, in the afternoon of Tuesday 16 August alone, they fell in an hour 47 mm rain.

The weather station on top of the Eiffel Tower recorded gusts of wind up to 104 kilometers per hour.

On August 12, however, the wave of bad weather had hit the Aeolian Islands.


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