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George Carbone
George Carbone

Born in Tortona (Al) on 19 December 1941. Graduated in law from Pavia. Journalist since 1971. Married to actress Ida Meda for 45 years. Two sons. Film critic (owner) for “La Notte” from 1971 to 1995. For “Libero” from 2000 to today. Author of three dictionaries: Dictionary of Films (from 1978 to 1990); All movies (1991 to 1999); TV Dictionary (1993).

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THE INFORMER THREE SECONDS TO SURVIVE RAI 4 at 21.20 With Joel Kinneman, Rosamund Pike and Ana de Armas. Directed by Andrea Di Stefano. USA production 2019. Duration: 1 hour and 53 minutes

THE PLOT Peter, a former soldier in Iraq, is recruited by the FBI for an undercover mission. He will have to get thrown in jail to contact (and of course frame) inside a drug kingpin called the General. Mission almost impossible because the boss is overprotected by his thugs and because in the jail in those days it’s bloody difficult to move because of a revolt.

WHY SEE IT Because Di Stefano, a former “handsome” of television dramas, confirms here too (after his excellent debut with “Escobar”) a definitely noteworthy directing skill. Even the Americans who have entrusted him with a film of those that are normally assigned to their great action movie veterans have noticed this. Kinneman was also decidedly good, who had highlighted himself by playing the son of Liam Neeson in a previous action. Slipped into a Neeson-esque role, he proves he’s learned all there is to learn.

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