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Hockey players Ciarko STS Sanok defeated Comarch Cracovia 7-3 on Sunday evening in the match of the 27th round of the Polish Hockey League. The second edition, won by the Sanokians 3: 1, decided the fate of the meeting. One of the heroes of the Sanok citizens was Aleksi Hämäläinen, the author of the hat trick and two assists!

Already in the first minute, Yevgeny Popitich found himself in a one-on-one situation, but Patrik Spěšný could not be beaten. Cracovia finished their game three minutes later when Dmitry Ismagilov used a pass from behind the goal by Yevgeny Bodrov. The inhabitants of Sanok did not break down with this fact and only 120 seconds later Jakub Bukowski equalized. The guests in the 12th minute took the lead for the last time in this meeting when Martin Dudaš crashed in the weakening from the bulik, not giving Spěšny a chance for an effective intervention. In the 19th minute the hosts equalized Kamil Olearczyk with a double advantage under the bar.

The decisive period of the match was the second period, when the Sanok players scored three goals. First, Aleksi Hämäläinen fired under the bar in the 23rd minute and the score was boosted by Toni Henttonen, who changed the puck’s flight after Sami Jekunen’s shot. Hämäläinen scored his second goal of the game, taking advantage of his advantage. The Cracovians reduced the distance to the Sanok citizens thanks to Ismagiłów, but that was all that the charges of coach Rudolf Roháček could afford.

In the last part of the game, Konrad Filipek increased the result using a play from behind the goal of Maciej Bielec, and Hämäläinen, who played his best match in the colors of STS, scored his third goal in this game. In the Sanok’s goal, Patrik Spěšný was doing well, defending a total of three one-on-one situations. Apart from the aforementioned Popiticz action, also Aleš Ježek and Iwan Jacenko did not manage to defeat him.

After the match they said:

Rudolf Roháček (coach of Comarch Cracovia): I rate this game on average, but the result was too high. We played the best in the first period, and in the second period we allowed Sanok’s players to score goals too easily. We didn’t cover the opponent under the goal, which made them easy to take the lead. In the third period we tried to turn the game, but unfortunately today we did not have to win this match. Whether it was a lack of concentration, the effect of fatigue or a weaker day of the goalkeeper, you will have to calmly analyze it. We still have two games before the break, so we have to prepare for Tuesday’s game, then on Friday and later for the next part of the season. The second period was definitely decisive, where the Sanok players jumped away from us by three goals.

Konrad Filipek (Ciarko STS Sanok forward): – We played well today, most of all there were a lot of goals. We worked a lot in training on effectiveness and in the end it resulted in seven goals with a very strong team. We are happy with this victory, because thanks to this victory we have caught up with Toruń in the table. Each third was unique for us because we gave them 120%. We all worked for this victory, starting with the coach and ending with the players from the fourth five. Today our advantages were better because we are working on it all the time and the match will be getting better during the match.

Ciarko STS Sanok – Comarch Cracovia 7: 3 (2: 2, 3: 1, 2: 0)
0: 1 – Dmitry Ismagilov – Yevgeny Bodrov, Artiom Voroshilov (04:19),
1: 1 – Jakub Bukowski – Karol Biłas, Aleksi Hämäläinen (06:19),
1: 2 – Martin Dudaš (11:30, 4/5),
2: 2 – Kamil Olearczyk – Radosław Sawicki, Sami Tamminen (18:58, 5/3),
3: 2 – Aleksi Hämäläinen – Toni Henttonen (23:10),
4: 2 – Toni Henttonen – Sami Jekunen, Aleksi Hämäläinen (29:19),
5: 2 – Aleksi Hämäläinen – Sami Jekunen, Eemeli Piippo (31:59, 5/4),
5: 3 – Dmitry Ismagilov – Artiom Voroshilov, Yevgeny Bodrov (35:59, 5/4),
6: 3 – Konrad Filipek – Maciej Bielec, Krystian Mocarski (44:51),
7: 3 – Aleksi Hämäläinen – Sami Jekunen, Eemeli Piippo (56:21, 5/4).

They judged: Michał Baca, Sebastian Kryś (main) – Dariusz Pobożniak, Artur Hyliński (line).
Penalty minutes: 10-16.
Shots: 35-35.
Viewers: 1260.

Sanok: P. Spěšný – B. Rąpała, S. Jekunen; T. Henttonen, A. Hämäläinen, J. Bukowski – J. Marva, K. Olearczyk (2); R. Sawicki, S. Tamminen, A. Mokszancew – E. Piippo (2), K. Biłas; M. Strzyżowski (4), M. Wilusz, M. Biały – M. Wróbel, B. Florczak; M. Bielec, K. Mocarski, K. Filipek (2).
Trainer: Marcin Ćwikła.

Cracovia: D. Zabolotny (2) (from 32:00 D. Perevozchikov) – J. Gula (2), J. Šaur; J. Popiticz, C. Shirley, E. Němec – M. Dudaš (2), J. Müller; D. Ismagiłow (4), J. Bodrow, A. Woroszyło (2) – J. Karlsson, S. Kinnunen; I. Jacenko, Š. Csamangó – P. Gosztyła; Ł. Kamiński, A. Ježek (4), M. Bezwiński.

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