“The interview”, Elena Santarelli on the disease of her son: “he was also a victim of bullying”


James was the victim of bullying“. It is the revelation of Elena Santarelli on son, 10 years old, that a year ago it healed after a a long fight against cancer. The showgirl, has spoken to “The interview“the program Maurizio Costanzo aired late night on Channel 5.

“I want to talk about it, he explained,” Santarelli – so perhaps, some parents teach their children how to relate to children who have physical and mental problems“. The showgirl has told the story of when his son was attacked verbally by an older child, and was offended because without the hair. “It was a low blow“he concluded,” Santarelli, who then explained that she had received apologies from the parents of the boy of 13 years who has being bullied James.

Now, my son, is well. It made the controls a short time ago, ” he said with a smile Santarelli, who, he added, was also followed by a doctor that has helped him overcome the sadness he had inside”.



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