The introductory course to traditional Chinese medicine arrives at the San Giorgio Library

The appointment with the “Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine” course, organized by the naturopath Alessandro Lucarelli and divided into two meetings, scheduled for Monday 10 and 17 October, from 5 to 7 pm, in the Sala Manzini, arrives at the San Giorgio Library.

Herbal medicine, acupuncture, massages and holistic exercises of various kinds are now part of the routine of their well-being for many. All these disciplines have their roots in the largest bed of traditional Chinese medicine, based on ancient principles, first of all the close correlation between physical dysfunctions and the psychic and spiritual aspects of those who suffer from it.

The course aims to allow a first approach to the principles of TCM through the theory of constitutions, for which there are five human constitutions: fire, wood, earth, metal and water and each person belongs to a constitution in a prevalent way. Each of them has a peculiarity and knowing your constitution can be very useful for preventing and treating ailments and diseases that can arise in the present and in the future.

Participation is free. You can also participate in only one meeting. To register, send an email to indicating your name, surname and library card number. Those who do not have an e-mail address can go to the library reception desk, where they can fill in and sign a special paper form. Anyone who has not yet registered with the library can still send the request to participate and complete the registration before the start of the meeting itself. Registrations will be accepted in order of arrival up to 20 requests.

Alessandro Lucarelli is a naturopath and flower therapist; he studied at the Salus Mater school of Naturopathy in Forlì. He works as a freelancer in Pistoia in the Naturopathy studio in via Panciatichi and collaborates with the Grotta del Sale in Prato.

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