the invented country that was worth 400 thousand euros

A group of scammers had created a fictional state, promising important privileges in exchange for citizenship, including lower taxes

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It seems like the plot of a movie, yet a group of criminals who operated between Catanzaro, Alcamo (Trapani) and Teramo managed to fool many naive people with an incredible scam. Its members passed off as diplomats of a foreign state, and promising, among other things, exemption from the Covid vaccine and taxation at 5% with the citizenship of Village fictitiousobtainable in exchange for a few hundred euros.

They sold citizenship to the scammed by promising tax exemptions

The intricate plan had involved creating as much evidence as possible to make the existence of the Theocratic Antarctic State of St. Georgeendowed with autonomous sovereignty.

Based on the Treaty Antarctic – that it really exists, but in reality it regulates the use of the land of the South Pole and the relations between the countries that occupy it – the representatives of the imaginary country promised privileges for anyone who came into possession of citizenship.

They had thus elaborated the papers and sites of the various institutions, from the Presidency of the Republic to that of the Government with relative ministries, the Court of Justice, the Supreme Court, territorial Delegations.

The thugs had also created an Official Gazette. Everything to be able to pack papers of identity fakesalso valid for expatriation.

No Covid vaccine and gift money from the Antarctic Theocratic State

The purpose was in fact that of sell citizenship to the scammed, with prices ranging from 200 euros to one thousand EUR. In exchange for many privileges.

As funding for your own projects, less taxes for businesses and citizens, and the use of state documents for circular freely in Italy and abroad failing at limitations for Covid.

Many relief tax promised to the new citizens of the Antarctic Theocratic State of San Giorgio, with the exemption of the payment of taxes in Italy and the payment of afixed rate at 5%.

Furthermore, the “Sangiorgesi” did not have the obligation to undergo the Covid vaccine.

The scammers had also pocketed money in exchange for the sale of land in Antarctica, with annex title nobleand the island of Kouneli, Greece.

There are at least 700 “citizens” of San Giorgio cheated by criminals

Investigations revealed that they would be at least 700 the people who fell into the trap of criminals, who had received false passports and diplomatic identity cards.

The papers had been used to lodge in several structures hotel and even to leave by plane. In one case, a driver’s license was shown to the authorities.

In all, the scammers would cash out 400 thousands EURused for other criminal operations and sent to a foreign account located in Malta.

THE offenses disputed to the criminal organization, made up of a dozen individuals, including a general of the Guardia di Finanza retired, they are a criminal association, manufacture and possession of valid false documents, expatriation, money laundering and fraud.


Photo source: State Police website

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