The iPhone 13 loses its value very slowly

For years, Apple devices have been priced much higher than their direct competition. This has changed in recent years, although Apple devices still hold their value extremely well. The best example of this is the latest generation iPhone 13the value of which after the premiere drops extremely slowly.

iPhone 13 gets cheaper very slowly

MacRumors cites the SellCell report which shows that the latest generation iPhone 13despite the months since its premiere, it still holds a decent value. Based on data from 45 sellers, it was noted that it was historical no other Apple smartphone has depreciated so slowly in its first two months on the market.

iPhone 13 Pro
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The data show that on average iPhones 13 depreciated by 25.5% after two months. For comparison, the series iPhone 12 lost an average of 41%, and the series iPhone 11 44.6% on average. It is worth noting, however, that almost all of the loss happened after the first month.

The published chart also shows that some models recovered somewhat in the second month after an initial decline. For example, iPhone 13 Pro Max 128 GB recovered 1.8%, and iPhone 13 Pro in the same memory version it gained 2%. The cheapest model in the family lost the least in value, i.e. iPhone 13 mini.

(source: MacRumors)

It’s not Apple’s magic, but the fault of chip shortages

Seeing this data, someone might get the false impression that once again we are dealing with magic performed by Apple. Yes, the latest iPhones are undoubtedly great devices, but the real reason for this is outside of the Cupertino company. It also seems that this is not the fault of rising inflation around the world either.

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The reason turns out to be the global crisis, as a result of which the key components for building electronics are missing. Problems with the supply chain, which ultimately cause production downtime, are also significant. As you can see, these problems not only have a real impact on the premiere, availability and price of new devices, but also leave their mark on the used equipment market.


So it seems that as long as the world situation does not normalize, such stories will be more and more frequent. If we looked at the industry a bit more broadly than just iPhones, the conclusions could be similar – in fact, similar trends are visible in the automotive industry affected by similar problems.

Let’s hope that soon everything will return to normal, because buying used electronic equipment has not been so painful for our wallets for a long time.

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