The iPhone 15 star of Olivia Rodrigo’s new music video “Get Him Back”!

Nice ad for Apple! As soon as the iPhone 15 was unveiled, it became the star of a video: Olivia Rodrigo’s latest clip for Get Him Back!

Nice publicity stunt for the iPhone 15! While fans were waiting for Olivia Rodrigo’s new music video, Apple’s phone becomes the real star of video. MCETV explains everything about this very successful collaboration!

Olivia Rodrigo, a great promotion for Apple

Because Apple thought it would announce its new smartphone with great fanfare. But the Keynote ended up finding itself overshadowed in Europe. The fault to the too strong waves of the 12. And therefore to its withdrawal from sales until the problem is resolved by the teams.

However, the creators were hopeful of focusing attention on the iPhone 15. Between a universal charger, a lighter phone and a better camera, the designers had put all the chances on their side. But the waves emitted by the 12 decided otherwise.

Apple therefore the heavy task of succeeding in getting over the bad buzz. And what better than a star like Olivia Rodrigo to convince everyone? The singer’s latest clip should in any case interest fans. Even fascinate them for quite a few reasons.

Indeed, Apple has already announced that the iPhone 15 would cost less than his predecessors. Good news, but which raises questions. For what ? Has Apple lost quality? Or has the digital giant agreed to cut back on its margins to please more people?

The clip of Get Him Back should give fans some answers. Because Olivia Rodrigo bends in two to ” retrieve it “…Even if the real “him”, the star of the clip, is none other than a telephone which is likely to excite fans. And to make them want to shoot clips in turn.

The iPhone 15 becomes a star

The clip for Olivia Rodrigo’s latest hit indeed seems to come from a major production. Pretty shots, clear colors, Olivia Rodrigos multiplying in all directions… The filming risks convincing cinema fans.

It must also be said that Jack Begert directed this video. Known for his collaborations with Doja Cat, Kendrick Lamar and even Pharrell Williams, the director pays tribute to Olivia Rodrigo. But also to the iPhone 15, with which it faces a huge challenge.

While Google makes fun of its new phone, Apple has decided to pull out all the stops to respond. After shooting commercials entirely with his smartphone, the firm goes further and commissions a music video thanks to its objectives. And the result is convincing.

Indeed, the director succeeds in getting the best out of the iPhone 15 to release a powerful, colorful, inspiring music video…and which we wouldn’t imagine could have been shot with a smartphone. Except that Apple is of course making it known as quickly as possible.

The giant is in fact releasing a video just after Olivia Rodrigo’s clip. We discover behind the scenes of the filming. And we understand of course that it is as easy as it is quick to shoot a clip on the iPhone. What really launches the promotion of the 15th? Response the day it goes on sale!

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