The Iranian became the speaker of the Norwegian parliament

– I have received enormous trust. I want to use my position to strengthen Norwegian democracy, the welfare state, gender equality and civil freedom, said Gharahkhani, who recalled that he came from a country where these values ​​are lacking.

The politician was born in Tehran in 1982. At the age of five, he emigrated with his parents from war-torn Iran (Iraqi-Iranian War 1980-88). Before becoming a parliamentarian in 2017, he worked in a hospital as a radiologist.

The Prime Minister of Norway, Jonas Gahr Store (Labor Party), praised the fact that for the first time a person of immigrant background was headed the parliament. “I know Masud as an honest, experienced and orderly politician,” Store said.

The first difficult task of the new president of the Storting will be to sort out the case of the so-called housing scandal. His predecessor and party colleague, Eva Kristin Hansen, resigned after it was revealed that she had used her business premises in Oslo unlawfully for years, despite owning a house outside the city. The Norwegian police are also investigating five other members of the Storting who allegedly abused their rights. In the Norwegian government the Minister of Labor and Integration is Pakistani Hadia Tajik (Labor Party).

Source: PAP,

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