The island, the film starring Scarlett Johansson accused of plagiarism

The island is the 2005 science fiction film that airs tonight at 20.59 on channel 20 Mediaset. Directed by Michael Bay, The island was the first Michael Bay film not to be financially supported by producer and colleague Jerry Bruckheimer who had always produced the films of the director of the saga Transformers. Furthermore, The island it was a film that encountered quite a few legal problems.

The island, the plot

Almost like in a gloomy premonition of the future, The island tells a dystopian reality set in 2019, in which life on Earth and the planet itself have been devastated by a global contamination that has made it almost impossible to live on the surface. Those who managed to escape the destruction of the planet, however, found refuge within a technologically advanced structure, where life is governed by rigid rules which, in turn, are based on social constructs and algorithms that make existence a almost alienating experience. The only glimmer of joy and emotion within this place is given by lottery that the Structure organizes to elect the settlers who can leave the refuge and go and live on one of the very few unspoiled places on Earth, a remote island that truly represents a kind of paradise and daydream for the settlers.

However Lincoln-6-Echo (Ewan McGregor) is unsure whether the Facility executives are telling the truth and begins to question the Facility’s official narrative. When, one day, he runs into an insect he realizes that life on Earth is, somehow, continuing. This is just the tip of the iceberg, because soon the man will also discover the real destination of the lottery and will do everything to save his friend Jordan-2-Delta (Scarlett Johansson), which in the meantime has won a ticket to the coveted island.

The accusation of plagiarism

The island is one of the many films that, using the genre of dystopia, they want to tell the descending path of humanity, the story of a race that is facing its own destruction, perpetrated with its own hands. The dystopia has precisely the task of taking actuality to the extreme, of transforming it into a reign of terror and tyranny, to put the spectators in front of a possibility of the future. Precisely because the theme has been dealt with very often and is a very expensive type of fiction in the Hollywood industry, it is not surprising that Michael Bay’s film does not shine for originality or that it has, within it, elements that they know have already seen. and reminiscent of other products. What is surprising, however, is the fact that The island was accused of plagiarism because the similarities with another specific film were too many and too obvious to suggest a mere coincidence.

As reported Coming Soon, Robert S. Fivesondirector of the 1979 film The Clonus Horror, sued Michael Bay’s film for plagiarism. With a lawsuit against Dreamworks and Warner Bros, the director indicted The island to have violated the copyright and, according to the website of theInternet Movie Data Base, brought about 103 pieces of evidence to court to support his thesis. Centrotré elements that highlighted the similarities between his own film and the one with Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson. According to IMDB, the court ruled that Robert S. Fiveson had filed a case prima facie, that is to say a case with clear facts and evidence, which had the right to be addressed. However, before the case could be debated in court in front of a jury, the Dreamworks agreed to settle in the copyright infringement lawsuit. The settlement was concluded on the basis of an astonishing economic agreement, of which, however, the exact figures were never disclosed.

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