The Italian robot bartender prepares cocktails and makes coffee, remembers who you are and chats about this and that. He was born in Naples, his name is Brillo

What if a robot was preparing our aperitif or cappuccino in the morning? Maybe while commenting on the results of our favorite team or the latest law passed by our politicians. This science fiction scenario seems to be closer after the presentation of BRILLO, the bartender robot born from the collaboration of the University of Naples Federico II, a team of researchers from the PRISCA laboratory and the Italian manufacturer of machinery for food assembly lines Totaro Automazioni. .

BRILLO, a nickname that winks at a customer who is too fond of the bar but which actually means “Bartending Robot for Interactive Long Lasting Operations “was born precisely to carry out the work of bartender: he can prepare coffee and many different drinks, but he also knows how to make conversation and put the customer at ease.

He is able, in total autonomy, to recognize a customer, remember his favorite drink and ask him relevant questions and observations based on the details shared during previous meetings.

Driving BRILLO is an automatic learning algorithm capable of analyzing facial expressions as well

What distinguishes BRILLO from other cocktail vending solutions is the ability to remember the customers’ favorite drink and converse with them. “The great novelty represented by BRILLO is in theuse of a machine learning algorithm thanks to which it can understand what I like to talk about”Explains Silvia Rossi, professor and project leader.

The robot bartender therefore knows how to grasp all the important signals in a conversation, including facial expressionsa skill that, according to the curators of the project, makes the interaction between human and robot much easier: “Thanks to the algorithm, BRILLO not only learns the preferences and tastes of each person, but also understands how to interact and put each customer at ease.“.

Tuning the algorithm was certainly the most difficult part of the project. In fact, he requested two years of training and the analysis of countless topics of conversation. The approach is particular, given that BRILLO, as humans often do, starts the conversation with generalist issues such as those concerning the weather and then moves on to more “thorny” topics such as sport or politics as soon as he has a clearer picture of the customer. front.

It takes just three or four interactions to start fine-tuning the user’s profile and bring the conversations to more targeted topics”Assure from the team.

BRILLO is an extremely advanced solution, but watch out for privacy issues

If from a technical point of view BRILLO is a very well underway project, on the other hand there are still impediments that make the robot’s debut far in time. In particular, issues related to the privacy of patrons take center stage.

Rossi’s research team is in fact exploring various avenues for to ensure that the privacy of the patrons is guaranteedwho could easily find themselves discussing personal matters with the AI-driven robot.

The development of BRILLO confronts us with very challenging problems also in the field of privacy and ethics: we will have to find a solution“. In the near future of BRILLO, therefore, there is no bar counter under the house, but a series of presentations and demonstrations in the academic field awaiting further refinements.

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