The Jaguar XJ-C Carlex Design looks like it is from another world. Poles made it

Carlex Design specializes mainly in car interiors, but also does not avoid body modifications. As you can see in the attached graphics, they both do well. The presented Jaguar XJ-C is a world-class project.

Carlex Design took on the Nissan GT-R. The effect is impressive as always

The Carlex Design team proves once again that no project is scary for them. The last one is the modification of the interior of the Nissan GT-R. The final effect is …

This is due to the original itself, which is a very unique car and one of the most stylistically interesting coupes from Great Britain. Thanks to Carlex’s modifications, however, it gained even more character. These are mainly details, but how tasteful – narrow, chrome bumpers, flared wheel arches and large, wide rims in an elegant pattern.

In addition, a paintwork reminiscent of the classic British racing green and round headlights in LED technology. The whole thing can really be liked, although it is the interior that is a real attraction. Cognac leather with numerous stitching is combined here with gray-green inserts, carpet and cockpit. There is also a lot of chrome, an original steering wheel and … digital clocks.

Jaguar XJ-C Restomod

What’s under the hood? Unfortunately not a V12 from the original. Carlex opted for a smaller V8, but did not reveal many details. It is only known that the power oscillates around 400 HP, which is much more than in the series V12.

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