The James Webb Space Telescope has been delayed again. NASA announces a new launch date

The James Webb Space Telescope is an international project largely supervised by NASA, on which work took several years. The machine is now ready and waiting to be launched into space from French Guiana. Unfortunately the start date was postponed again.

NASA has postponed the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope several times. The last date was December 18, but that has changed as well. The agency informed that the machine will not be launched earlier than December 22. The new delay is due to the uncontrolled release of the tourniquet, which occurred during the preparation for take-off work.

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NASA wants to make sure everything goes according to plan. This is also dictated by the fact that the process of disassembling the James Webb Space Telescope in space will be very complex and complicated. Recently, the agency revealed several hundred reasons that could lead to the failure of the entire operation.

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