The Jennifer Lopez engagement ring from Ben Affleck is …

If Ben Affleck is going to propose a second time, he may have trouble getting the right engagement ring. The one he donated in 2002 was worth $ 1.2 million. Even then, it was one of the most beautiful engagement rings. Today its value is ten times greater. It’s just not clear if it still belongs to JLo.

The almost seven carat pink diamond with a radiant cut that the 48-year-old actor gave to the 52-year-old singer for her first proposition turned out to be a great investment. As “DailyMail” informs, citing the expert’s opinion, it is now one of the most beautiful and expensive rings in the world. What is more interesting, there are many indications that the artist – despite the broken engagement – never parted with him.

The observations made so far show that each of them has gifts that they gave each other when they were a couple for the first time. Ben Affleck was seen wearing a silver watch that a pop star gave him in 2002, and eagle-eyed fans noticed that a diamond bracelet gleamed on JLo’s wrist during this year’s romantic yacht voyage – also a gift from almost twenty years ago.

Jennifer Lopez first presented the ring on the red carpet in July 2003 at the premiere of Gigli, the movie the couple met on set. The day before the wedding, which was due to take place in September, the couple announced that the date of the ceremony had been postponed. By January 2004, JLo and Ben Affleck split up.

She later married Marc Anthony and had twins, Max and Emma, ​​while Ben married Jennifer Garner and had three children: Violet, Seraphina and Samuel. They then both divorced, both had other partners after divorce, to finally get back together in 2021. (PAP Life)


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