The jumper delighted the world again! Dancing on one ski [WIDEO]

Such things do not happen in ski jumping, and he has done it three times in his career! Manuel Fettner, in the qualification for the Wednesday competition in Bischofshofen, managed to save himself during the landing and avoided a fall.

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Fettner’s incredible feat

Just after the Austrian jumped 124.5 meters, Fettner’s right ski made a sharp edge and disengaged from the binding. The jumper, however, did not fall, because he miraculously maintained his balance on his left leg, and he pulled his right leg back, which allowed him to keep his balance for several meters. As soon as he crossed the judge’s line, he fell. However, the judges gave him notes of around 16 points. So his ugly breakout points were deducted, but he was rightly not counted for a fall. Thanks to this, the jumper was easily promoted to the competition.

Moments later, the producers showed that Fettner’s skis seem to be thrown away, because as a result of the incident the right jumper’s board simply broke.

– Fettner said he made a landing error. His ski blew off and he couldn’t save it. After a while he had to save himself from falling. His ski broke after hitting the advertising boards. Fettner has spare skis, so he will be jumping in the competition – reports from, Jakub Balcerski, from the hill. Hand in hand, the jumper will face his compatriot Stefan Kraft. – Journalists recalled the situation from years ago. And Fettner? He didn’t really feel like looking back in time. He only said that it was good that he had saved himself. Then and now – adds Balcerski.

– Manuel chocked the ski a little while landing and it just unbuckled – described the situation by Dawid Kubacki, who when Fettner was defending himself against a fall was walking past journalists and was talking to him.

Fettner did it for the third time in his career, for the second time by trust

Interestingly, the first attempt to access one ski took place here in Bischofshofen in 2013, but then the jumper did not manage to get there.

A few months later, Manuel Fettner did exactly the same at the World Championships in Val di Fiemme. Back then, in the team competition, the feat saved Austria a medal. This time the weight of the performance was not so great, but a single ski ride at a speed of about 120 km / h is an exorbitant achievement.

– Fettner is amazing. Respect for such acrobatics on even worse conditions than in Predazzo. To this day, it’s a pity that at the World Championships in Oberstdorf they did not put him in competitions despite his very good disposition. I hope he will show what he can do – writes Jakub Mirowski, a Polish amateur jumper.

Bischofshofen – a hill that favors strange events

This is another event that can be safely entered on the list of bizarre events that happened in this facility. The hill Hated by many, others love it. One thing is for sure, it is definitely the strangest object in the whole World Cup calendar – more about the weirdest hill in the text by Piotr Majchrzak:

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