The Jurassic Life game from Half-Life 2, can now be played from the beginning to the end


A Game that mixes Jurassic Park with a Half-Life, is still in need of Polish, but is playable

Fans of Jurassic Park or just dinosaurs, have come together to create a game using the game Half-Life 2 as the base. The player’s Life, after years of work by a team of amateurs, and very determined. To install the game, it is necessary to download it as a mod for Half-Life 2, by keeping the graphics, but changing it completely in the interface.

In the player’s Life, the player will be able to get to know a different version of the Jurassic Park and use guns to fight the dinosaurs, and to survive in a region that is dominated by them. It is possible to use a machete, shotgun, and relive a little of that came to the cinema by Steven Spielberg in 1993.

Minors will only be able to play it
1-hour-per-day, in Kagawa, Japan

In the description of the mod, in its the official websitethe creators make clear how difficult it was for the time reduced to complete the match. “We’ve done the impossible… the player’s Life-finally, it can be played from the beginning to the end.” The note emphasizes that, despite the fact that the game is to complete all of the steps in the story, there is still a need to make a correction for a release date.

For those of you who are interested in the executive summary in the player’s Life, you play the role of Robert Muldoon, who was hired to bring order to the extraordinary Jurassic Park, which is located on the island of Cloud. In spite of the similarities, the developers explain that the game is not strictly based on the movies or productions are legendary, but the inspiration, on their own, a world filled with dinosaurs.

In addition to this, they announce that they are in need of people to work on the game, modelers, and developers of C++ that you want to take part in the completion of the player’s Life, you can look up the the creators on the website of the mod.

Source: The Player’s Life



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