The Juventus legend reacts to the Juventus transfer window and the season ahead.

The 2023/24 Serie A season will start soon. The Bianconeri have still not completed their transfer window and further transfers are expected in both departure and arrival. The team’s former legendary goalkeeper Dino Zoff talked about this on the microphone of Tuttosport.

Who better than legendary former Juventus players to express themselves on club news? That’s what Dino Zoff, the iconic goalkeeper of Juventus and Italian selection at the microphone of Tuttopsport, did. He also mentioned the transfer window as well as the season, which will start soon.

Will not playing Europe be beneficial for Juventus?

, I’d say it’s a relative advantage, I’d love to play in Europe every week. That’s what I thought when I was playing and when I was coaching, I haven’t changed my mind today. Now Juve will have only one goal and will be forced to stake everything on the championship, where the pressure will increase as they will have no room for error. ,

Who will be the favorite this season?

, Compared to last year, I expect a tight championship with four contenders for victory. There will be a big war. Naples remains the team to beat, especially under Osimhen’s tenure. Behind the Azzurri, I would put Juventus and Milani. ,

Possible arrival of Romelu Lukaku?

, Juve has a duty to do well with these players. Beyond market or budget issues, choosing between Vlahovic and Lukaku doesn’t matter: it’s not the team’s problem… I feel like we can be competitive without him, given that he’s a great Striker. ,

Should we keep Federico Chiesa?

, I would say that Federico is definitely a player to keep. I will have no doubt about it: this is a great talent. ,

Adrien Rabiot Captain?

, More important than the armband is that Adrian plays and expresses himself like he did last year, which is where he really made a difference. Then again, if wearing the armband gives him more responsibility, we’ll see. I think Rabiot showed a good personality last year with Juve and in the World Cup with France. With or without a headband, it doesn’t change much. ,

Leonardo Bonucci File:

, I don’t know the reasons that led to the breakup. This question is definitely not good for the environment. The ideal would be to find a solution before the end of the transfer window, so as not to drag out the entire season. good option? If the club made this decision for Bonucci, it was because they felt it was the best thing for the team. ,

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