the Juventus player accuses his brother Mathias

A criminal gang allegedly kidnapped and blackmailed the footballer Paul Pogbathreatening him with assault rifles and attempting to extort money from him 13 million euros. This is the intriguing story that – according to international media – the Juventus midfielder has provided to the French police. The facts date back to last March: Pogba was allegedly dragged by armed and hooded men into an apartment in Paris, where the attempted extortion took place. The footballer was in France to visit his family in Lagny-sur-Marne (Seine et Marne).

Pogba kidnapped by an armed gang: the complaint

According to the 29-year-old reigning world champion, the plan was hatched by some people close to him, who asked for money for the “protection services” provided a few years ago. His childhood friends also blackmailed him, accusing him of not helping them financially. The older brother Mathias would also be part of the gang, who a few days ago announced with a social video “hot revelations” about Paul and his agent-lawyer Rafaela Pimenta.

The story is very intricate and – according to the reconstruction of Franceinfo – begins in January of this year, when Pogba threw a friend out of the house, accusing him of using his credit card to steal 200 thousand euros. From then on, the blackmails and threats would begin: first in Manchester (where Pogba played for United), then in France, and finally in Turin. Precisely in Italy, the gang would also show up at the Juventus training center at Continassa: here Paul would have recognized his brother Mathias among the extortionists. The Juventus player, in a statement signed by his lawyers and his own prosecutor, yesterday denounced “threats” and “extortion attempts by an organized gang” against him.

Mathias Pogba, the shocking revelations

In a video posted on social networks in four languages ​​(French, Italian, English and Spanish), Mathias Pogba, also a professional footballer, had announced on Saturday “big revelations about his brother Paul and his agent Rafaela Pimenta”. The player – formerly of Pescara among others – in front of the camera had stated that “the whole world” like Juventus and the sponsors “deserve to know certain things to decide with full knowledge of the facts whether he (Paul Pogba) really deserves admiration, respect, his place in France, if he is a person worthy of trust ».

Mathis Pogba then said that his brother would have placed a curse on the French talent Kylian Mbappé through a so-called Muslim sorcerer.


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