The Kardashian Family in a NEW PROGRAM! When and where the premiere?

The Kardashian family
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The Kardashians are just finishing production of the family reality show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”, but that doesn’t mean the famous clan will disappear from the screens! The head of the family, Kris Jenner has already confirmed that the celebrities will soon appear in the new show. Where will you be able to watch them, what will the program be about and when will the premiere take place? Check out what we know so far about the next Kardashian show.

After 20 seasons, the program “With a Camera at the Kardashians” slowly goes down in history. Created by Ryan Seacrest and broadcast since 2007, the show is approaching the grand finale. In total, over 270 episodes have been produced so far, and the entire program has appeared in the program Kardashian clan.

Although the celebrity family reality show is not considered a valuable production, the show has been appreciated many times in the television community. KUWTK has won the Teen Choice Awards, MTV Movie & TV Awards and People’s Choice Awards several times. Viewers will miss you … but not for long!

If you thought the Kardashians were saying goodbye to TV permanently, you were grossly mistaken. Kris Jenner and her flock are already getting ready for a new production! What do we know about her?

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The new Kardashian show

The head of the family, Kris Jenner, personally informed about the new TV project of the family. In April 2021, the mother of the famous sisters revealed that the show would be shown on the Hulu network.

We do not have an exact formula yet, we are still working on it

– said Kris Jenner in an interview with WSJ Magazine.

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Kris Jenner has high hopes for the new family reality show. The head of the Kardashian family assumes that it will not be an adventure for one season. When asked recently where she sees her clan 10 years from now, she replied without hesitation:

Information about the new family program of the Kardashians was also confirmed by Kim. Shortly after the premiere of the last season of KUWTK, the celebrity wrote:

We will not be gone for long !! Our new @hulu show will be coming shortly after last season.

Kim Kardashian She also ensured that she would also join the group of participants in the new program Scott Disick.

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Were you fans of “With a Camera at the Kardashians”? Will you be watching their new show?

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